Thief Demo At CES Delivers Solid Stealth Action

A Thief demo at CES shows a game that is staying true to its roots and delivering a rewarding stealth-first experience.

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Digital_Anomaly1805d ago

After seeing the demo at E3 I admit I walked away a little wary about how this one was going to turn out. I have high hopes for it... I mean it's the bloody godfather of stealth games! Since E3 I've seen many changes made that really turned it around in the right direction. I'm fully on the hype train for Thief... CAN. NOT. WAIT.

nategrigs1805d ago

What was wrong with it? Im really looking forward to it.

Im a console only guy, but view this as DeusEx+Dishonored. Is that pretty accurate?

curtis921805d ago

That's a pretty fair assessment I think its safe to say.

Digital_Anomaly1805d ago

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to throw a link in a reply or not... don't want to get busted for hijacking or spamming. WHAT ARE THE RULES!?! Lol

I wrote a preview article after seeing it that sums up all my early thoughts quite nicely.

digim01805d ago

The PR guy talked to me a LOT about Deus Ex so, yeah, that's fair. Not as action oriented as Dishonored though.

Seafort1805d ago

Yes this version of the game is. The originals on PC were nothing like that.
You had to avoid combat or you were dead. You just couldn't fight against the guards. It was a much more methodical and careful game where you had to plan your next move or suffer the consequences.
That's what made it so scary and tense.

The new Thief is a more action orientated game where combat is permitted as you would most likely win. In my eyes it's not a true successor.

digim01805d ago

@Seaport There were earlier reports that this new version would feature more combat and have XP, but the devs changed their minds. They've actually said the melee system is deliberately weak to discourage players from fighting guards. As I mention in the article I ran into two guards at once and was told its basically impossible to fight two guards at once and win. These guys really listened when fans got upset over the proposed changes and it shows.

SaturdayNightBeaver1805d ago

@Seafort Games are made for idiots these days first, then they add some options for real fans just so they can try to enjoy the game.

Look at new Metal gear 5 ,u literally got wallhacks and some slowmotion assist crap by default so u must turn it off if u are not an idiot.


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nategrigs1805d ago

Thanks for the PM with the link Colts, I think it looks really good. We need more games like this

IamHaru1805d ago

As someone whose highest marks were in stealth, I cannot wait for this game.

1nsomniac1805d ago

The previous gameplay footage from earlier in the year was laughably bad. Haven't seen any recent footage but it needed either a major overhall or start again from scratch.

digim01805d ago

They fixed a lot and listened to fans who were complaining. They brough it back to its roots, at least, that's how it seems so far.

curtis921805d ago

If i'm not mistaken there was a bit of a shake up at Eidos Montreal since E3 and it seems like since then the game has taken all the right turns.

Chapter111805d ago

Remember when stealth games forced you to rely on your own wit and not the ability to see through walls and forcing you to kill everyone?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.