IGN - Playing The Last of Us on Vita with Playstation Now

IGN - See how PlayStation Now's game streaming performs on a PSVita.

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H4all1476d ago

i am excited about Playstation Now..
my vita is waiting this so long...
and NOW i can play GOW III/ascension /The Last Of Us/ UNCHARTED..
and many more title..
man.... cant wait for it...

Hyper_Tension1401476d ago

Wow, I can imagin myself in bed at the dark with headphones on playing The Last of Us on the Vita.

PoSTedUP1476d ago

omfg!!! : D! and I though i was spoiled with Tearaway, LBPvita and unchartedGA... this is truly a new era of gaming. Get On SONY's LEVEL!!!

UnHoly_One1476d ago

Why is 75% of IGN nothing but videos now??

Am I the only one that would much rather read a written story than watch a video?

I pretty much avoid them at this point, the site is useless to me. I like scanning stories from my work PC and I can't listen to videos when I'm here.

Soldierone1476d ago

I noticed a lot of sites doing it. Even Yahoo will have the most basic news story be a video for some reason.

I dont want to watch videos, especially at school or work, I want to read articles. The least they can do is write an article below the video

HaMM4R1476d ago

Though I do agree with you to a certain extent, why would I want to read a write-up about how well something functions when I can just see it for myself. After all, seeing is believing :)

ABizzel11476d ago

Because most of their audience are younger generations who'd rather watch a 2 - 3 minute video on something, than read an article.

Different strokes for different folks :D

UnHoly_One1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

You're probably correct.

Kids these days... smh

Why read when you can do something even easier than reading?

KakashiHotake1476d ago

Because this generation is getting stupid. People look for the easy way to do everything now.

ginsunuva1476d ago

People can't read anymore these days.

They play too many video games and watch too many movies.


rainslacker1475d ago

I definately prefer reading an article over watching something, with trailers and demos being the exception. I find the people who talk in videos in these types of videos to be mostly insufferable, and writing generally is just to the point and much quicker.

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ShiftyLookingCow1476d ago

Wow looks great but not for me as my bandwidth sucks

InTheZoneAC1476d ago

offer remote play like the ps4 and I don't need this service...

ABizzel11476d ago

The latency & library are the main things that need to be worked on during the beta process. Latency can be a game killer, but once it's dwindled down to something similar to PS4 -> Vita remote play then Sony has something special on their hands.

Also for their next handheld (PS Tab) they need to have all the controls there from the Dual Shocks, using the back screen just doesn't work for me or at least make the zones bigger.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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