Grand Theft Auto V Recreated In Grand Theft Auto IV

DSOGaming writes: "We bet that most PC gamers want to get their hands on GTA V. Well, since Rockstar has not announced anything yet about the rumored PC version of GTA V, PC gamers can rely on mods and maps to satisfy their thirst for such a game."

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TheGreyWarrior1412d ago

Still has those awful washed out colors from GTA IV.

Zettroid1412d ago

You can still see the greyness. God damn.

ArtificiallyYours1412d ago

I think GTA V should have looked a bit grittier, not talking Grey/Brown/beige (but that really fit IV, it takes place in a damn city lol) but something that screams "SHADY BACKGROUND".

jjonez181412d ago

It's so dull and lifeless...depressing.