Mike Tyson Returns in 'Fight Night Round 4' for Xbox 360, PS3

Electronic Arts has announced the next round in the popular boxing series Fight Night is in development at EA Canada in Vancouver with an expected bout date of sometime in 2009.

We were a little worried the Fight Series had been shelved after EA announced Facebreaker, a cartoon-styled boxing game slated for released under their new casual games label. With confirmation of Fight Night Round 4, those fears have finally been laid to rest.

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Breakfast3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

! Best news of the week :)

omg...i can even begin to imagine the graphics...

AnSteRiX3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

its a tyson with haymaker watch out!!..
oh damn forgot about the graphics...yh me too!! :)

sonarus3787d ago

Iron mike ppl. Its EA so i don't have high hopes in their games. Hopefully though they can up the ante on Fight night round 3.

gogators3787d ago

when it actual came out. I'd rather have newer up and coming boxers than boxers like Mr Tyson. The guy hasn't an ounce of class.

dabbu3787d ago

no doubt will be good!! :D

pharmd3787d ago

hope it has "in the ring" feature that the ps3 version had.... and hope for more fighters, like alot more.... but im down day one!

sonarus3787d ago

I actually played Fight Night round 3 on 360 and ps3. PS3 version has way better sound for some reason(And when i say way better, i mean WAY better).

The in the ring feature got old after a while though but it is a welcome addition. Fight Night was an excellent game. EA just need to make the game a little bit less arcade and more simulation and touch up the graphics A LOT. Graphics were awesome back then but now they look terribly lame

Silellak3787d ago

Several questions:

1) Will he knock me out in one hit?

2) Will he be replaced in later versions of Fight Night Round 4 with Mr. Dream?

3) Will Fight Night Round 4 feature Mario has a guest referee?

legendkilla3787d ago

i must agree! i love playing FN3 on my PS3 much better then on my 360

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AnSteRiX3787d ago

i bet you anymoney the G's are going to be hard on this game!!...

tatical3787d ago

I remember when I first played Fight Night 3 on my 360 with my friend, we both thought it sucked that Mike Tyson wasn't in the game. I'm totally picking this up for the PS3!

dabbu3787d ago

am gettin the copy of this game as soon as its out..:D

Skerj3787d ago

:( They need to put Piston Honda and Soda Popinsky in it now (if you even got that then you should know I'm joking).

AnSteRiX3787d ago

they should have floyd maywhether and miguel cotto them two are the most expensive boxers to be licensed...:(

dabbu3787d ago

my most anticipated sporting game of the decade is here...

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The story is too old to be commented.