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Next Gen has arrived, and EA has graced us with their epic, large scale shooter Battlefield 4. Does it hit the mark? Or do we have a current gen clone, masked as a next gen masterpiece?

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malokevi1534d ago

Anyone else notice that the latest premium battlepack had a T-rex emblem in it.... :)

TechRaptor1534d ago

That's a good catch malokevi, I hadn't noticed it!


malokevi1534d ago

thnx. Good review, btw! The words BF4 and "raptor" in the title set something off in my brain.

TechRaptor1532d ago

thank you! It's a love/hate relationship with this game. I felt there are a fair amount of issues and they needed to be brought up. Unfortunately, there are other gaming sites out there that never brought these to light. Now we are seeing class action lawsuits, China banning the game, and uproar towards DICE.. If they can get these issues ironed out, B4 could be a solid game.. They may have gotten Arnold or Sly Stallone to pen the campaign though!