PlayStation Now must fight hard to sway cloud naysayers – opinion

VG247: PlayStation Now, the new face of Gaikai, will provide PS3 cloud-streaming for PS4, PS Vita, Bravia TV and other devices. VG247′s Dave Cook explains why early naysayers need to look at the bigger picture.

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stuna11594d ago

Sony doesn't need to sway naysayers, it not their fault that some choose to believe that somehow Microsoft were the only ones that possessed cloud technology! Google, Amazon, Apple have been using the cloud for a while now, Sony used cloud technology on the PS3.

Just because Sony didn't go around shouting it to the heavens about the cloud didn't mean that they weren't making their own plans to utilize it. Having Gaikia under their ownership basically ensures that Sony were at the forefront of the tech. What so many people have such a hard time comprehending is.... bigger or more doesn't necessarily equate to better! Example; 20 nickels equate to $1 dollar, just like 10 dimes equate to $1, but just because you have 20 nickels doesn't mean it's better than having 10 dimes! If anything the dimes are of greater value and require less.

JoGam1594d ago

In 2014, its my resolution to not comment on opinion articles anymore.

stuna11594d ago

I actually agree with this opinion piece, and I also believe if anyone can get this endeavour to work it's Sony! But in all honesty there will always be naysayers, but looking at Sonys track record, I'm real optimistic for the future.

JoGam1594d ago

@ Hicken.....Actually I didn't. My comment was't in response to this Opinion Piece. It was a general statement.

guitarded771594d ago

@ JoGam... your statement was "In 2014, its my resolution to not comment on opinion articles anymore.", which you just did. So yeah, you failed.

On topic: Who the hell are these "naysayers". Sony said they were working on a cloud service to bring PS1 - PS3 games to other devices, now they put a loose time frame together, and demoed the service. What is there to naysay? Sony are doing what they said they were going to do, and proving they can do it.

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malokevi1594d ago

What ever happened to the cloud being all smoke an mirrors? An underhanded lie, a corporate buzzword to fool the gullible masses?

Anyone remember that? Anyone? Because you were all saying it.

Yes, all of you.

nategrigs1594d ago

You should be careful making blanket statements like that. I have never once said those things....But now that you mention it, I do believe that MS used "the cloud" as a buzzword to fool the ignorant, gullible masses

scott1821594d ago

It's how the cloud is used that makes it just a theoretical thing or a practical thing. Sony showed the cloud actually being used for something practical, that gamers will be able to use and enjoy. I'm sure other things can be done with the cloud, but it is good to actually show it and prove it.

Majin-vegeta1594d ago

M$=Cloud will make the xbone 3x more powerful

Sony=Cloud for streaming etc...

See the difference??The only gullible person here is you.

pedrof931594d ago

You are completely out of context, MS said that cloud would give 10x more power to the X1, people refered to that.

What Sony proposes is more acceptable and realistic.

Ilovetheps41594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

There's a difference between cloud computing and cloud streaming. I'm still not completely sold on Playstation Now, but we'll see how it works out. Microsoft is planning to use the cloud for computing purposes to make an X1 more powerful. While cloud computing is possible and is used ([email protected]), it's not feasible for most stuff. I'll be interested to see how they get it to work though.

If you would like to learn a little bit about the restrictions about cloud computing, read this article: It provides great insight into everything.

malokevi1594d ago

@ Vegeta

M$ = 10x more powerful + cloud. Obvious spin is obvious.

"Depends on exactly what you are doing with the system. For purely local compute functions closer to 10x + Cloud"

$ony = "Sony=Cloud for streaming etc... "

Splitting hairs are we? One cludz better than another cludz? I thought Gaika was perfectly capable of cloud compute, because, as I recall, "remote servers are remote servers"....?!?! Oh how things can change overnight! I guess MS cludz aren't capable of streaming, either? :)


I recall MS doing a demonstration with NASA, and N4G screaming that the servers were down the hall and an unrealistic demo. Does that sound familiar?

The hypocrisy is plain to see.

raWfodog1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

The 'cloud' is real tech, as anyone with an IT background can tell you. It's how it can be used effectively that is always up for debate.

Edit: To clarify, MS needs to show that the cloud can improve the processing power of the XB1 in order to convince the non-believers. Sony never claimed that Gaikai would be used for improved processing and they have proved that it could effectively stream older titles.

HighResHero1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

It isn't all smoke and mirrors but it is very much a buzzword once again.
It is an ideal marketing term, created to encompass a number of remote services, many of which were already available in some form.
I am not one of the "naysayers" but I also have at least one foot on the ground and don't understand why some people think these services will inevitably replace all hardware or something rather than coexist with current technology.
It's like the people(blockheads) that proclaimed tablets would "replace" laptops or PCs, not taking into considering the many physical limitations of mobile devices like battery, thermal, and so on.
So I'm probably more bothered when people that think new technology has to "replace" existing and even advancing technology, the kind of people that thought the microwave had to "replace the stove" when it was released and so on.

scott1821594d ago


"I recall MS doing a demonstration with NASA"
How was anything MS did practical for gaming or gamers?

"and N4G screaming that the servers were down the hall and an unrealistic demo. Does that sound familiar?"
People will use anything to belittle what the other "side" is doing, it works both ways.

I still don't see what they are doing "compute" or otherwise that makes any difference in games whatsoever. Nothing they have done has changed anything... Am I wrong?

thekhurg1594d ago

Pretty sure it was because MS said the cloud would make their games look/perform better because it gave the console 10x better performance.

That was the smoke and mirrors bullshit.

What Sony is doing with their cloud service and game streaming is entirely different.

pyramidshead1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Well if you're remembering everyone saying such things you'll remember Sony and MS are using and have marketed the cloud in very very different ways.

Sony=Streaming service for its vast games library.
Microsoft=Increased power x 100Xb1s, improved graphics, better gaming experiences, 'Cloud powered'.

In the rage in which people are suddenly calling out everyone who naysayed MS's cloud vision are completely missing the point entirely and spitting their dummies out of the pram for the sake of console wars, it's hilarious.

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schubacca1594d ago

It is funny how now that Sony's cloud is somehow more tangible than MS's...... Let us shelf all the MS BS for one moment. Sony will have the same issues of latency, bandwidth, and consistency that people were so right in pointing out.

So what happened? Also, Sony is not at the forefront of any cloud tech. MS and Amazon are....

kayoss1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Did you even try reading the comments above you before you post this comment?
They clearly explain the difference between Microsoft's vision of the cloud and Sony's vision of the cloud.
They also explain why Sony vision is more believable and why Microsoft have not proven anything.
Read the Comments that you're going to comment about before posting your comments.

XiSasukeUchiha1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

At least PS cloud is real not like MS cloud were proposed to be 4x more powerful than ONE with compute XD

Do i honestly give any decency on your opinions Susanno

UbiquitousClam1594d ago

I'm not sure you actually understand anything you type.

MasterCornholio1594d ago

Don Mattrick basically said this,

Xbox One without cloud= 4 times as powerful as the 360

Xbox One with cloud= 10 times as powerful as the 360

See why some people doubt Microsoft's cloud?

Phoenix761594d ago

Sony have the advantage here because they have actually shown us the CLOUD in action.
MS just talked a lot of smoke and mirrors about their CLOUD, in a way that made it unworkable.

from the beach1594d ago

They would need to convince me not to just keep my old consoles, which I honestly doubt they can.

nategrigs1594d ago

I don't think this service is for you. The only benefit you would see is being able to play games on the go (vita). There will be some lag and graphical downgrade, so you might as well play a game on its native system if possible.

This seems to be geared more for people that missed out on previous generations/don't have old consoles.

WeAreLegion1594d ago

Can we STOP comparing Microsoft's cloud computing and Sony's cloud streaming?

They are completely different things.

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