Worlds Collide: The Ed Boon Interview

During the Midway Gamers' Day 2008, one of the big unveilings was the first Mortal Kombat title for next-gen consoles. It was well known that series co-creator Ed Boon had a new Mortal Kombat title in development, and rumors had surfaced as of late that he might be combining another franchise with Mortal Kombat. But what exactly that game would be was unknown -- that was until Ed Boon unveiled Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

Crispy Gamer had many, many questions. How did DC get into the mix? What is this new fighting mechanic? Will DC force Boon and company to remove the series' trademark fatalities? They sat down with Midway's Ed Boon to get all of these answers and more.

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TheEndzor3873d ago

This is a disaster in the making

What happened to this franchise?

crimsonfox3873d ago

there on crispy gamer....-_- Ed Boon's a dic

kornbeaner3873d ago

I wish they would've kept fatalities. Imagine what a Superman or Batman fatality would've looked like.

But no, their going for that teenie-bopper crowd, Talk about just missing the golden egg with that one.

I Call 9MM3873d ago

Good interview. I'm still with the camp that thinks that this game will probably be a disaster, even if the fighting mechanics are top notch, simply because it is a meshing of an M-Rated franchise (Mortal Kombat, duh) with a mostly teen rated franchise, and you have to stick with the lowest common denominator, that being the Teen rating. Mortal Kombat fans are going to be wanting to do the fatalities, to spill some blood, etc... etc... and they probably will not get the chance to do it. It meshing together two very different franchises into one game. It worked for Marvel Vs Capcom because those were mostly all teen rated franchises melded together, no fatalities or things like that to worry about, just fighting. Here, you basically are loosing what mortal kombat is really all about: blood, guts and gore. I think it is going to be a daunting task to appease everyone with this game.

I also noticed the little blurb about the system specific characters in each version of Soul Caliber and Boon's opinion on that. To me, wouldn't it be kind of neat to do that with this game. I think it's stupid with Soul Caliber, I mean come on, Yoda and Darth Vader, whose idea was that? But, since this is already a goofy setup, for Microsoft why not throw in Master Chief or the Arbiter (or both) as playable characters for the 360, and throw in Kratos and that chick from Heavenly Sword in for the PS3. Might work, it's not like the game makes much sense as is right now.