Worldwide Chart for Week Ending 02nd May 2008

VGChartz releases the following worldwide weekly hardware sales data:

Wii 667,676 (+99%) 25,458,203
DS 390,575 (+3%) 71,071,176
PS3 353,186 (+79%) 12,368,232
X360 265,812 (+65%) 18,720,841
PSP 231,017 (+1%) 33,679,017
PS2 99,847 (+10%) 117,445,749
GBA 962 (-1%) 79,589,083

Along with the following software sales:

X360 4,835,966 (+269%) 120,353,392 6.43
Wii 4,497,828 (+66%) 121,874,993 4.79
PS3 3,769,688 (+249%) 51,184,075 4.14
DS 2,107,241 (-7%) 246,443,418 3.47
PSP 543,839 (+6%) 70,619,897 2.10
PS2 534,322 (0%) n/a n/a
XB 192 (+10%) n/a n/a

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alexM3845d ago

50m dollar down the drain

PS3 victorious

More carnage with MGS4

Cwalat3845d ago

it's nice that they atleast get the DLC...
and 360 did pretty good in sales....

i know it's VGChartz but still, they aren't off by much anyways...

i do not know what MS are doing, why are they not making exlusive game deals anymore ?

other than Gears 2 they have nothing....
RE5 is multiplat, and by the time it comes out PS3 will have gained alot in hardware sales if not surpasst it...
i really feel sorry for those who were looking to own a 360 for years... MS has nothing in 09...

they were the ones who slapped sony through media and press saying "we have all the games", hypocrits....

it's to soon to tell but why the fu*k aren't MS coming out with more exlusives ?
any reason ?
they have money ... they have larger userbase at the moment..

sonarus3845d ago

Why do people still bother reporting Vgchartz sales data?

Fishy Fingers3845d ago

Some enjoy it, so I approve it. Frankly it doesn't interest me much, but they should just ignore it if it bothers them so.

alexM3845d ago

PS3> x360 in terms of HW sales

VG downgrades PS3 numbers.

so the scenario doesnt change.

NOTE:_ Vg has x360 selling more than 6 m in europe when x360 didnt even reach 5m sold in europe

HighDefinition3845d ago

I guess, WE could just guesstimate.

Breakfast3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

@ Sonarus

Because people still like to believe them :)

Cwalat3845d ago


because they aren't off by that much anyways..

sonarus3845d ago

When i say reporting i don't mean like a news report silly lol

I mean like reporting it as spam, lame e.t.c. People always report vgchartz news. Its all good to me as long as it has rumor in the channel

VGCHARTZ FTW. Still on that 400,000 week for the WII WTF. They just went through their half their monthly production in 1 week

hokis4ever3845d ago

I don't mind it at all. I only get irritated when people swear by it.

wow4u3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Yesterday, **SONY THEMSELVES** told us they had sold "nearly 12 million". Yet, here we see vgchartz already over 12. See a problem with your theory? SONY themselves have just told you that vgchartz is, without any doubt at all, OVERESTIMATING PS3 SALES. Get it?

MS told us they've passed 19M in April.

So, uhm, yeah, VGChartz numbers are clearly wrong.

fanboi hater3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

you are the one who is wrong. Sony reported that they had sold 12 million by the end of 2007. In other words this number is even more off than you say and in the opposite direction you imply. As for xbox 360 numbers i'm not entirely sure where they currently stand. However, judging from past, these numbers very well might be inflated but according to your source they should be above 19 million.

Cwalat3845d ago


lol... they sold more than 12 million after holidays season...

2 million 360 sold during january-april... wonder how many PS3's were sold during that timeframe since they have outsold 360 since november last year... if i had to guess, i'd say that PS3 hardware worldwide will be 15 million after may...

Spinner3845d ago

lol @ n4user1

Do you even bother to read the articles that are posted? You know, since you were busting some guy for "not being able to read"

alexM3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

MS has sold 16.5m x360s worldwide

MS has shipped 19 m x360s worldwide

MS has sold 11m x360s in NA

<5m in europe and 500k in JAPAN

total = 16.5m

MS hasnt reached 5m x360 sold in europe. MS would have released a PRESS CONF bragging about tht. MS also didnt respond to SONY's claim cuz x260's LTD has been surpassed in europe

x360's total base is 16.5m worldwide

If x360 sold 2 m between JAN--MARCH...wnder how much PS3 could sell

However not even 1 m X360s were sold during the 1st quarter cuz x360 doesnt sell in europe and in USA they got outsold by PS3 for the 1st 2 months. the 3rd month was a TIE(march)

Watch out for SONY's press release in a few days.

SONY reports consumer sales unlike MS who reports SHIPMENTS ( sales to retailers)

callahan093845d ago

I honestly think that they put too much effort in to just be completely making sh*t up. They're never really THAT far off, either, and a lot of the discrepencies are tied to places that they claim to gather information from that nobody else gathers info from, like Mexico, Australia, China, the majority of Europe, etc.

I mean, VGChartz has some good technology in their website, a nice layout, hefty servers, a lot of members, and regular updates, with generally close to accurate numbers as far as we can tell... I don't really know why people think so low of them.

Do their numbers usually match the ones people put more stock in to? No. But they're hardly very far off.

Disagree all you want, folks, I know it's considered a sin to defend VGChartz in any way.

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Kaz Hirai3845d ago

Sony Soldiers- this is NOTHING compared to the week of June 12th! MGS4 marks the Beginning Of The End for our FEEBLE "competition"!
Anyway- enough chit-chat! I have a FUNERAL to prepare- the FUNERAL of the FLOPbox 360! Taking place on June 12th!

36 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


TheEndzor3845d ago

nearly 100k ps3's sold more worldwide then the 360

Well Done Sony

HighDefinition3845d ago



100,00 MGS4 bundles.

Breakfast3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

you missed a zero. or the comas in the wrong place...

bababrooks3845d ago

no.....years till it comes out!

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