SCEE announces first made-for-PSN TV show: Movement

PS3 Fanboy: "Mentioned during the closing minutes of the PlayStation Day keynote speech, Movement is an interesting idea that is being sadly under-reported. Sure, it's not a game, but the idea of made-for-PSN TV shows is something that definitely piques our interest. The gist is that two British blokes, Spencer and Martin, travel around Europe in a VW Camper van in search of unsigned bands, documenting their progress as they go.

The program will feature many different kinds of music, including French electronica and London "Grindie." Eventually one band will be chosen by Spencer and Martin to have a professional promo video made. There's no word on when we'll be seeing this hit the PSN, other than that it will be "soon." Movement will almost certainly be exclusive to Europe - but you never know. This, along with the GT Academy competition that was announced, shows that SCEE is clearly very interested in episodic video content for the PSN and, to be honest, so are we.

Check out the gallery below for photos of some of the various bands featured in the show."

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poopsack3873d ago

cool, wonder if they would open this up more.