UGO: Speed Racer: The Video Game Review

UGO writes: "As the film-going world sits in curious anticipation of the Wachowski's silver screen adaptation of Speed Racer, to be released later this week, the video gaming community instead groans at the prospect of yet another film-licensed game. The offender, naturally, is developer Sidhe Interactive's Speed Racer: The Video Game for the Nintendo Wii (also coming for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2), published in-house by Warner Bros.' Interactive Entertainment division. The game does manage to deliver a generally entertaining experience, though it ultimately feels as though too many corners were cut in the effort to time the release with that of the film.

Prepare for a shock. Speed Racer: The Video Game is a racing game. Not shocked? Okay okay... prepare for a real shock. Despite the fact that said game is based on a movie, there is actually no story element to be found. Putting aside the waggle-loving game mechanics of Car-Fu, the release is in all ways a "pure" racer."

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