GD08: Playstation Games montage

Traditionnal games montage to close the Sony Gamers Day 2008, showcasing all the big titles of the Playstation consoles ? Especially since the gameplay clips are even different from what we've already seen.

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alexM3875d ago

so so realistic

On one hand we play ULTRAREALISTIC games like SIREN/UNCHARTED /KZ2

Xbutts play CARTOON CRAP GAYLO3 at 520P on x360

madestar3875d ago

6aybox 3sh-tty eat your heart out

Stinkey3875d ago

nice montage! Can't wait to see a lot of these game come through w/o any delays

Kleptic3875d ago

Sony has always been pretty good at keynote montage things like this...the one from E3 last year was pretty good too...

still hoping to see A LOT more killzone 2 and Resistance 2 in the next few months...what we were given yesterday was still just teasing...