Gears of War Screenshots

Lots and lots of screenshots of Gears of War.

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Capt CHAOS4415d ago

No more please. Have have soo many GOW screenshots, the game is here and prob about 30% of the 360 owners will buy it (atleast) - at some stage.. I'll be one of them!

Phlapp4414d ago

I can't wait for GoW as much as the next person, I just hope they're not shooting themselves in the foot by so much hype. Hype can ultimatly damage brilliant games I just really hope GoW isn't one of them!

xboxlj4415d ago

I was thinking closer to 80%.

Monchichi0254415d ago

And it's def. worth the hype!!! Probably the best game I ever played!!!!

willud4skins4415d ago

yup! this game is insanely amazing