Microtransactions: The Bane of Gaming

This piece is about why microtransactions are wrong, why you shouldn't support them and how you could help stop them from existing.

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CorndogBurglar1439d ago


You were merely trained in the shadows....I WAS BORN IN THEM!!!

LackTrue4K1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Lol..."BANE" never crossed my mind of that.
In other words, broken/brake.

snake_eater1439d ago

Sadly there are some brain dead people that still end up buying those games.

Yi-Long1439d ago

Agreed. Vote with your wallet. I don't buy games with practices I don't agree with.

supes_241439d ago

Agreed. I understand people will but these types of games but I chose not to. I speak to these types of practices with my money, by not giving it to them. It's the beginning of the scam of gaming and I won't be a part of it.

Volkama1439d ago

Posted this before, but I really would like people to 1 star micro-transactions so I'll post again :)

Voting with your wallet doesn't work, the message gets lost.

Publishers look at their sales and go "oh x game didn't go well, let's make sure our next game is more like COD or GTA". And then they put more MTs in their COD clone.

Take Crimson Dragon as an example. It's a micro-transaction riddles mess. You visit your base between every mission, which is essentially a shop window. If I just 'vote with my wallet' and don't buy it the message will be "Taking risks on once great Japanese developers is a bad idea".

By all means vote with your wallet, but wherever you can you should vote with your vote as well. I suggest viewing the microtransactions on the XBox Live store, where you can rate them accordingly. Browse the game, the MT item is listed as an add-on and you can give that add-on a rating. No purchase necessary.

An over-whelming number of 1 star ratings on MT content may send a more specific message.

JohnnyTower1439d ago

Chores and weekend projects are the bane of my gaming. But I am all for killing microtransactions with fire.

magnetite1436d ago

Gamer entitlement: The bane of gaming. Gimmie gimmie generation at its finest. Wants things that were "cut from the game" to be included for free even if they weren't advertised to them. If it wasn't advertised, you aren't entitled to it.