Top 5 Characters Of 2013

Justin of Pixel Gate writes:

''We also had some brilliant characters make their way into videogames this year, and I’m here to share but a few of them, and my top picks for this year. Each character is well written, and interesting in their own ways. We saw growth, development, and heck some may have even brought us to tears. It’s an awesome feeling when you truly love a character, and this list showcases the ones I loved the most this past year.''

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Linko641533d ago Show
KillerBanana71533d ago

Both Ellie and Joel are badass characters and the bond they share in TLOU makes them two of my favourite characters.

Roccetarius1533d ago

Someone like Ellie sure does swear a lot, though. Most of the time, that just made me go ''really?''.

Pixelgate1533d ago

She's brought up in a environment with a lot of swearing. It makes perfect sense for her to swear

goldwyncq1533d ago

That's nothing compared to some teenagers nowadays.

SolidGear31533d ago

Definitely a highlight year for the some of the best New characters in games.

medman1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Ellie is one of the most well realized female characters in gaming history. That little girl is tough yet vunerable, she's also smart, funny, loyal, and extremely courageous. Ellie is my character of the year 2013, and I think she's probably my favorite character of the entire last generation.

SneakyDoo1530d ago

Trevor Phillips bitches