PlayStation Store Update 1/7/14

Devil May Cry and Don't Starve headline the Playstation Store Update via the Playstation Blog.

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WeAreLegion1438d ago

If you're locked out from playing Don't Starve once it's downloaded, go to Settings > PSN > Renew Licenses.

Hicken1438d ago

Bubble up for Helpful.

Derekvinyard131438d ago

Where the hell is bioshock infinite?

Prime1571438d ago

Pretty sure they stagger the releases sometimes.

AceBlazer131438d ago

One realease now the second halfway through. Expect it at the other half of the month

Snookies121438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I really disliked DmC after playing the demo, seeing the character changes, realizing that the combat is a downgrade from previous games, etc... Dang it all though, I guess I'll give it another shot with PS+. Can't say no to free after all.

Here's hoping they make Devil May Cry 5 in the future, and hopefully it'll be as good or even better than 3 (which is in my opinion the best of the franchise).

WeAreLegion1438d ago

I loved the new Devil May Cry. Please treat it as a completely new franchise and don't compare it to the original series...especially DMC3. It does drag a bit at the end. Also, don't get the Virgil DLC. It's a waste of time and money.

Snookies121438d ago

Yeah, I'm going to try and play it clearheaded and thinking of it as a completely different game. Hopefully that'll help keep me from comparing it as much as I do.

Ah, thanks for the heads up on the DLC though. That interested me since he's my favorite character from the games.

WeAreLegion1438d ago

Also, as far as them making something better than Devil May Cry 3...

(I'm almost crying typing this.)'s not going to happen. The only way that could happen is if they got new talent at Capcom who have a passion for Devil May Cry and know what they're doing.

...or give it to Sony. (Just sayin'.)

rdgneoz31438d ago

"Please treat it as a completely new franchise and don't compare it to the original series"

That's the problem there. If it was a completely different game / new ip people would find it ok, but they went and used the DMC ip to cash in on fans of the series.