PlayStation Now Latency Being Tested On God of War: Ascension In This New Video

GearNuke: "God of War: Ascension is one of the games that is being released on PlayStation Now, the upcoming cloud streaming service from Sony. As expected from every cloud streaming service, it adds additional latency to controls."

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Tiqila1597d ago

that kills the experience for me

Shadonic1597d ago

this isnt even in the beta stages you know that right ?

mikeslemonade1597d ago

That's fine these less challenging games I can still finish. I only play normal mode for any game. Afterall that's the way the developers designed the game to be played at by default.

Ravenor1597d ago

lol, no.

The service isn't available, but the software is definitely already in Beta. Latency was an issue with Gaikai and OnLive before this, it was always clear I wasn't playing anything natively on my own machine. This will be the exact same, it will be a comparable and perfectly "acceptable" method of playing these games but it won't be the same as popping in the disk.

fanboybeatdown1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )


Yeah. I had such high hopes for gakai on ps4.
This service was much hyped and I am still sitting on the fence about getting a ps4.

I had been afraid that the graphical quality would be degraded and the lag would be too noticeable - and it appears with good reason..

It seems early users of gakai on ps4 have shown significant lag with games and even graphical fidelity reduction with artifacts - even on a high speed internet connection.

I still have high hopes for this service, though.
Let's hope Sony can pull out some more magic before release.

PATRIOT7ME1597d ago

Onlive never solved its latency problems either. It's not the fault of the software, it's the fault of the infrastructure.

fanboybeatdown1596d ago

@ ^^

"It's not the fault of the software, it's the fault of the infrastructure."



Now what?
Does this absolution of fault make the service provided by Sony better?

What exactly was the purpose of your comment?

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ABizzel11597d ago

They need to work on that.

fooltheman1597d ago

Yeah, there'll be lag... but nothing that can't be incalculated by the player.

Detoxx1597d ago

Believe me you don't want that lag when playing a game like Dark Souls. The game is hard enough, even with 0 lag.

MasterCornholio1597d ago

Just think of it as an additional level of difficulty.

SonyNGP1597d ago

That's a terrible excuse.

fooltheman1597d ago

Yeah, but you're usinga game where timing is essential... for those games it can be indeed a problem.

malokevi1597d ago

lol. "another level of difficulty". I can't even play my WiiU through my X1 HDMI pass-through without Mario jumping off a cliff every 5 seconds. Latency like this is a game-breaker. There's no way around it.

Detoxx1597d ago

Welcome to N4G where people like to disagree about the obvious (5 disagrees so far)

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nevin11597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Wouldn't it get worse when more people are playing the same game?

nirwanda1597d ago

The same Reason psn kept crashing after Christmas too many people logging in on their new ps4s

ginsunuva1597d ago

The same game isn't streaming off one computer to multiple people. That's called one person is playing and everyone else is just spectating.

Mister_G1597d ago

Just an idea, but to keep latency under control they might adjust resolution dynamically. Lowering it if the 'net slows down.

Detoxx1597d ago

You really want to play 1080P-480P-1080-P-720P all the time?

Baka-akaB1597d ago

1080p ? those are ps3 games , there are barely any running that natively

The Great Melon1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

That would fix a bandwidth issue not latency. Places like Netflix and Amazon implement exactly what you mentioned for variable bandwidths.

The latency issue is difficult to fix. Information has to travel over and through a lot of copper, routers, and fiber before reaching the server at Sony which then has to send back a picture through more wire, routers, and fiber. Bandwidth issues are easier to solve than latency as you can often just get a larger amount from an isp. The same can be said for smaller latency.

The Great Melon1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Lost a "'t" in the last sentence. Getting better latency isn't as simple as upgrading your bandwidth at your ISP. You effectively have to find another route to Sony which either means switching to another ISP or changing routing mechanisms such as going from DSL to something like T1.

Also, looking at from a physics point of view there is a fundamental limit at how fast information can travel. If the server is in New York and the user is in Los Angeles, it takes light (fastest thing there is) about 13 ms to go from the user to the server. Afterward the server needs to send the signal (image) to the user, so round trip in that contrived example is something like 30 ms.

_LarZen_1597d ago

The latency is either going to break or make this service. Going to be interesting to see how they solve that in the months ahead.

Crazyglues1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Yeah this is a make or break thing, if it has lag it's done - you have to get it down to no lag..

I used Onlive, another streaming service the one I wish they bought, and they had no lag for someone with a good connection.

I used it for months and months and never had lag it was an amazing service, so either you get this down to no lag, or people will just play on there PS3..

Why in the world would I want to play the game with lag.. why would I want to pay for a lag service..

No it's a deal breaker, it has to have no-lag..

Sony has to fix this... If Onlive can do it, then they can get it down to no-lag - I'm sure Sony can get it to that level, they have to, for it to be a good service.

||.........___||............ ||

sgtGanGreen1597d ago

lol OnLive have huge LAG.
You play over internet. What do you expect?
Minimum ping for controls to response is 120ms in ideal conditions

Tapewurm1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@Crazyglues I think you summed it up well when you you said:

"I used Onlive, another streaming service the one I wish they bought, and they had no lag for someone with a good connection."

I truly feel that it will depend on the person's internet service and how fast/dependable the connection is that determines how well this service will work. People with cheap subscriptions to low end DSL and Cable will have issues more so than those with the faster subscriptions that cost a bit more.

Crazyglues1597d ago

@ Tapewurm

yeah I think your 100% right, I guess that was my mistake thinking Onlive didn't lag..

I have a really fast connect.. so I never lagged, it was like playing on my console for me..

-But I guess from looking at all the disagrees, I guess people were getting bad lag, so my bad.. I should have said I didn't get lag on the service because I'm on a really fast connect.

That did indeed come out wrong/ didn't mean to imply that there was no lag - should of said I got no lag..

Very good point Tapewurm and well said bubble for you my friend...

ginsunuva1597d ago

But latency will only decrease with time.

Sony can't control the traffic and congestion in the worldwide web.

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