Microsoft Gears Up to Release 360 with New Chips

Microsoft Corp. reportedly plans to release a new version its Xbox 360 video game system code-named Jasper in August and has already assigned IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make chips for the new game console. However, there are other important rumours: TSMC got orders to produce the chip for code-named Valhalla Xbox 360 design, which is rumoured to combine microprocessor and graphics chip in a single piece of silicon.

The code-named Jasper design of the Xbox 360 game console will use ATI Xenos graphics and memory controller hub (GMCH) made using 65nm process at TSMC as well as IBM Xenon central processing unit (CPU) produced at IBM's 65nm nodes. The new system design is projected to consume less electricity, use less complex cooling systems and also produce less noise.

By contrast, current Xbox 360 design named Falcon utilizes GMCH and eDRAM cores manufactured using 90nm process technology at TSMC as well as CPU built at IBM using 65nm fabrication process. The first-generation Xbox 360 used 90nm chips.

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THE_JUDGE3873d ago

a ridiculous name. Jasper? This isn't war planning, trying making a more reliable console instead of a "Code Name" for each console.

Ureval3873d ago

?! Are you serious? Please tell me youre not serious.

TheMART3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Dude... You know these are internal project names right?

It's NOT like we're getting:


and then Jasper. Get it, got it? Does it matter if upgrades get their internal names...


alexM aka Nasim, aka Tanod, aka Schmee, aka all those other names

I'll get your sorry ass banned again. Anyone report this guy and his messages as spam

alexM3873d ago

X360 PRO has burnt down HOUSES

X360 JASPER will blow up whole NATIONS/COUNTRIES

PS3PWNSALL3873d ago

360's days are numbered. NO matter what they do they can't stop MGS4, HAZE, FFXIII, Wipeout HD, Motorstorm 2, LBP, KZ2 and Africa.

Deadman643873d ago

lmao alex m with his typical fanboy bullsh!t. Get a LIFE!

Bombomb3873d ago

your one stupid funk. go jump off a bridge now.

Pain3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

la~sigh u kids support M$ this is what u get.

why Not just Come out with it M$... NEW XBOX in 09 SAVE YUR PENNIES!!!!

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33873d ago

What is this, like the 3rd or 4th chipset they're on now. And people critisize sony for delaying games! Finally, 360 fans can buy consoles that work! Congragulations, and its almost time for another gen in about 3 yrs.

TheMART3873d ago

it's the 3rd.

That's in almost 3 years on the market at the end of 2008. The PS3 will gets its smaller chips over time.

That's forthgoing technology dude. The PS2 got new chips, any console gets them.

I agree with you. Another gen in 3 years sounds allright. Six years in total. The PS3 came 6 years after the PS2. You would want to buy a new console after 6 years, because the consoles will have lost the possibility to keep up with PC games at that time.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Yeah, the PS3 is on their second chipset, 65nm. They did it basically just to lower costs. They also threw out backwards compatibility because they basically had to throw in the whole PS2 chipset to accomplish it anyways. I don't really care about BC, I kept my PS2.

I thought 360 was changing their chipset to try and fix RROD though. That be interesting if they tried to come out w/ a slim version, Xbox hasn't done that b4. They just need to figure out what to do about the power source.

season0073873d ago

i am pretty damn happy if they could at least spin the official defective rate at under 5% this time...well from 33% to 5%(official number) is a huge improvement

TheMART3873d ago

That so called 33% was from an online 'survey' where many PS3 fans said 'their 360' broke down. Results weren't close to reality, which was still to high, but more close to 10 to 15%.

ScentlessApprentice73873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

So you assume that when Microsoft themselves conducting their own investigation on the amount of defective xbox 360's and concluded that about 33% of the total systems manufactured had some defect in them, you think THAT was nothing but BS. Why would Microsoft go as high as 33% if it was nothing but untruth.

Seriously Mart, you sound almost like a neo-nazi defending the actions of Adolf Hitler.

ForTheFallen3873d ago

Regardless, your wrong. 33% or slightly less remains. That's not acceptable. 15% isn't even acceptable, but MS can't even manage that; Their quick fix clearly didn't work and they rushed their console.

You will reap what you sow, so says the good book.

sonarus3873d ago

haha we have all heard about new chips before YAWN. Within 48hrs of release, we will be seeing videos/pics of RROD 360's on youtube and random blogs and sites.

RROD is 360's destiny. They cannot escape it. Just embrace it.:D

JokesOnYou3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I have know idea what the failure rate was for the 360, I consider myself fortunate since I never had a problem with my luanch unit, but that doesn't mean much really, hell as far as I know it could be much higher 50%, 60% or 80% and unless you have some inside data it seems you are speculating just like I just did, and same as Mart. So where did a micro exec ever state 360 had a 33% failure rate?....or are you just basing your comments off what a what a EB store employee said or worse an open poll? Link please...

edit: vvvvvv ha ha HighDefinition you hate the 360, so I'm sure you are a reliable source about 360 failure rate. lmfao


HighDefinition3873d ago

Is giving it credit. I, plus a few friends have gone thru multiples, so much I gave up on it, some of them haven`t. One of my close friends has gone thru 5 since launch, and he`s a a "hardcore" 360 gamer and even he knows it`s higher than 33%.

deeznuts3873d ago

It wasn't a poll of users, I remember it being a poll/question posed to retailers.

Regardless, this 33% figure had legs, massive legs. If untrue, MS would have came out disputed it, denied it. I mean they barely beat PS3 GTA IV sales in the Uk and they already got a press release saying UK loves the 360 since it sold 20% more (not pointing out the lower attach rate).

They never came out to say this 33% was vastly wrong, overinflated. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh they did come and take a $1 billion dollar charge on the console to cover warranties though. So, the number is obviously close, or worse, low, or in the best case, high, but the real number is so embarrassing still, they can't say anything about it for fear the real number must be disclosed.

ruibing3873d ago

Well, there was just likely a chance that a 360 owner who experienced RRoD denied it in the survey.

Mikey_Gee3873d ago

I love my 360 and bought it at launch. But first died under a year and now since MS keeps sending JUNK REFURBS to Canadians I am not on my 6th console. Also, out of 8 of my friends with 360's, only one is still going .... but starting to go wacky ...

As I said, I love my 360 ... but the fail rate is retarted. If MS had a low fail rate from the start it would be a whole other story when it comes to the 360 standing in the console war

AceLuby3872d ago

The reason M$ didn't dispute the number is because 33% is probably lower. 1 Billion dollars was set aside for this issue. People were charging $50-$60 to fix a broken one, so let's assume it costs M$ $50 a console to fix.

$1 Billion / $50 = 20,000,000 which is EVERY SINGLE ONE OUT THERE!!!

and even if it costs $100 (which it 'could' w/ shipping, but I doubt it) means that 10 Million consoles would be affected, half of what's out there.

You don't have to look at guess work percentages. Just look at the dollars put aside for the issue and how much it costs to fix one RROD Xbox.

Don't mean to spoil this s#it tossing contest w/ logic though.

The Lazy One3872d ago

You're taking into account post-startup money. You have to take into account that they had to open or expand their repair stations drastically (probably where a good portion of the money went) for EVERY REGION to ensure faster return times. Added customer service, and new positions probably followed. While it might cost them today $50 to fix my console, it probably cost them $500,000,000 just to get everything set up to get that $50 repair price.

AceLuby3871d ago

Seriously, $500 million dollars in just startup? Any facts to base this on? They were charging people over $100 before they extended the warranty to 3 years and I would bet heavily that they were making a profit on that. They also threw a billion dollars a YEAR after launch meaning that a lot of 360's had already been thrown away, returned, or fixed and would not be included. IMO, those are a wash for the startup.

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