PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Haze

PS3 Fanboy writes: "PlayStation Day 2008 is over but our coverage continues! We're also enjoying the spoils to be found on the European PlayStation Store. In particular, we're talking about the Haze demo which we fired up and took out for a spin. North Americans without Euro accounts can get their nectar dosage tomorrow. While we've played the demo and have written our thoughts here, reader Chris G. shares his gameplay footage through the Haze trial play. So read our thoughts and check out the vid (or not the vid, if you wish not to spoil the experience before you give it a go).

The demo starts off with a firefight in the middle of the jungle. There's no real explanation as to why you're there but that doesn't matter too much for a demo. The controls are standard as far as shooters go, move with the left analog stick, aim with the right, and fire with a shoulder button. Left-handed players will be glad to see control options for them."

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Mc1873872d ago

like it's gonna be a fun game.

BeaArthur3872d ago

This article makes me wonder; haven't the developers said that when you are playing as a mantle soldier that you are far more advanced than anyone else? With that in mind shouldn't the game be easier when you play as mantle? Since you apparently turn on mantle I would think that the game would get more difficult after that transition, I have heard them say that you have to out smart the mantle soldiers because you will not be as skilled as they are. If not you could always bump of the difficulty (I am assuming there will be a way to increase the difficulty). Just a thought.

thor3872d ago

Well as the rebel section is in the second half of the game, it's got to be harder than the mantel section (difficulty curve). It does seem odd, however, that mantel can mow down rebels when you're on their side, and rebels can do likewise when you're on theirs...

iceman28853872d ago

I finally got to play the demo last night, and I feel like it was a very "eh" game. As in, it wasn't great, it wasn't bad, just "eh", no feelings one way or the other. The only thing that bothered me though, which is probably more from playing COD4 too much, is that the only way to zoom in/take aim is to push in the right analog stick. I just prefer to be able to zoom in to take aim using one of the shoulder buttons.
All in all, it might be worth picking up if the story is good (it seems interesting enough to me) and my friends also pick it up so we can do the coop campaign.

Scerick3872d ago

You can customize your controls to be exactly like COD4, including holding zoom instead of toggling zoom.

eddierivera3872d ago

Dont get me wrong, I love Free Radical, and Timesplitters for that matter, but seriously, the COD4 control scheme is the best in the industry, and should be a standard for all FPS games.

What in the hell is up with pushing the R3 button? I dont miss R6V because of that little fact and I dont think I'm gonna enjoy this. Cmon man, I screw up my aiming when I push in R3, I always lose track of where Im aiming at cause Im trying to concentrate too much so I dont lose control when press the freakin button. I think R3 is perfect for melee, thats it. Even that messes up. I dont know man, WTF is up with devs these days?

thor3872d ago

Haze has fully customisable controls...