Top 5 Crappiest Bits Of Gaming Merchandise

Christmas has been and gone. Was Santa good to you this year? Did you get a shiny new console, or maybe that game you’ve been eyeing up for the past couple of months? Good little boys and girls will have received all manner of shiny gaming goodness, of course, but the bad buggers among you might well have gotten some of the crappiest bits of gaming merchandise known to mankind!

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LackTrue4K1565d ago

are Sonic's eys's, "cock eye" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WeAreLegion1565d ago

If by "crappiest", you mean "most hilarious", then you are correct.

e-p-ayeaH1565d ago

Im sure there´s worse stuff.

Heisenburger1565d ago

Yeah idk what that author's thinking, that Sonic costume is choice.

I can just imagine myself getting inside it. Sprawled out on my beanbag chair, with my chili dog dripping all down my chest.

Good thing Ms. Croft is here to help me.

Angerfist1565d ago

That PCP Station might attract more Drug Addicts then Gamers, but it's not merchandise I guess. The Sonic Suit is really awful though.

CrossingEden1565d ago

Jesus H Christ that sonic outfit is literally the worst thing i've seen in the past three months, and for some perspective.
I accidently assumed that "tubgirl" was the name of this awesome webcomic, and searched for it in google and wanted to puke, and this sonic outfit is worse, THAT'S HOW BAD THIS COSTUME IS.

MrPoopyPants1565d ago

But it's Such Icon though...

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