DriveClub Gets One Step to Closer to Release: ESRB Rates the Title as E for Everyone

While inFamous: Second Son, one of Sony’s big PS4 exclusives in early 2014, already has a release date set for this March, we’re still waiting to know when DriveClub will finally arrive in stores. - PSLS

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The_Infected1290d ago

I just want the release date and a full race of the current progress.

Noobz11290d ago

The delay was good, this game looks better and better all the time.

theXtReMe11290d ago

I'm going to guess this is going to release sometime in February in the USA. Maybe we will be lucky and it will release at the end of January. I can't wait for it. I love Project Gotham Racing and this game is supposedly the next-generation version of it. Hopefully a force feedback wheel will be announced soon or we can use the PS3 wheels with it. That would make it even better.

nategrigs1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

February at the earliest. I think that they have already released the list of ps+ games for this month.

nfl1289d ago

Agreed with wheel support. I'm keeping fingers crossed as my setup cost far too much too just upgrade. :)

malokevi1290d ago

More free stuff to fill my harddrive with. Splendiferous.

WeAreLegion1290d ago

If Driveclub makes the Japanese launch, it will be a success.

jackanderson19851290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

This is still gonna be free with PS+ yeah? Only way I'd get it as driving games aren't really my thing but free is free

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