Dr. Mario charges $10 fee to play on WiiWare

Joystiq writes: Dr. Mario has been priced for WiiWare and given a new name. Dr. Mario Online RX will cost 1000 Wii Points ($10), but there's still no word of an actual release date. Wii Fanboy noticed the price and name while meticulously scouring the video introducing the Nintendo Channel.

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THE_JUDGE3872d ago

Am I missing the part when the game was good?

BrotherNick3872d ago

The game is still good, maybe not worth 10 dollars. Used to play this game all the time while smoking up.

djt233872d ago

the game is good with online you cannt get any better than that

ItsDubC3872d ago

The game is awesome but ya, I don't know if $10 for an online component is worth it.

MK_Red3872d ago

Doctor Mario was awesome back then. The new one looks cool but 10 bucks!? Seriously...

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