GTA IV is somehow worse than sexualized children, according to PTC

The Grand Theft Auto whiney train of whiney whiners continues to chug its way to Bitchpants Station. The PTC's Brent Bozel calls GTA IV a new "cultural low," in a rather dismaying post that actually claims the game is worse than the sexualization of a 15-year old girl

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Jamegohanssj53670d ago

I laughed at the title of this.

The Genius has spoken.

dachiefsman3670d ago

funny thing that this isn't news unless people make it news....

LinuxGuru3670d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV is a GAME.

It's not LIFE.

It's all a mock and a satire of our current society, and people need to realize that.

For god's sake, these whiners need to get a f*ckin life.

BeaArthur3669d ago

Stupid comparison. People will do or say anything to get their name in the news.

JadeTyrant3669d ago

let's criticize this game and forget about the real problems in this country

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