Final Fantasy XV: More Will Be Revealed 'When the Timing is Right'

Gameranx: "More details and information about the upcoming action RPG, Final Fantasy XV, will be revealed when the timing is right, says Square Enix."

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Ingram1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

They can stuff it with prunes, foie, nuts, bacon and eat it.

Eat your game and leave, SE.

PaleMoonDeath1628d ago

Don't think so, this game looks dope as hell.

Ingram1628d ago

Yes it does indeed look swell, it took 8 years of lying, mismanagement and FF13 spinoffs for it to look that good.

PaleMoonDeath1628d ago

Yep, lets just hope it pays off, if it doesn't, they are finished, from what I've seen it damned well stands a chance.

trenso11627d ago

I think we will see something a month after lightning returns releases. Or at least by E3