The 10 Worst Game Sequels Ever

For every glorious copy of Half-Life 2 sit a dozen misfires, mishaps and straight up mistakes, great ideas gone bad or bad ideas gone worse. In no particular order, YVG not-so-proudly presents ten of the worst video game sequels ever made.

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MK_Red3696d ago

They should have included Devil May Cry 2 as well as the Final Fight remake for PS2.

OOG FunK3696d ago

:( i liked that twisted metal lol

MK_Red3696d ago

Sorry but no. Twistet Metal 3 was HORRIBLE! Thank God Jaffe made Twisted Metal Black.

Alexander Roy3696d ago

Sonic The Hedgehog still makes me vomit. I still can't imagine how no single tester could have said anything about that camera. I can forgive graphics that aren't perfect and slow loading times, but the camera made it absolutely unplayable for me.

MK_Red3696d ago

That's assuming that game had any testers ;)

Also, the village / adventure levels were mindblowingly aweful.

RecSpec3696d ago

No it wasn't, but it was gold compared to 2, what are they thinking.

So you have Wrigley Field, who cares!!

Wil Wheaton3696d ago

when i first played sonic adventure 1&2 on the dreamcast i thought they were a lot of fun and sonic heroes wasn't too bad until that horrific casino level, sonic riders and shadow the hedgehog i havent played them but i can only imagine how bad they are...

RecSpec3696d ago

The next gen versions make those games look like masterpieces.

Plus theres no weird girl on hedgehog romance in those.

Oh and no run down snake way ala Dragon Ball Z.

princejb1343696d ago

sonic the hedgehog 2(sega)
sonic adventure (dreamcast)
these was the best sonic everything else is wack

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