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World Exclusive First Look At Battlefield 4 Running On Mantle API

DSOGaming writes: "As we've already said, AMD showcased Battlefield 4 running on its upcoming low-level API, Mantle. Below you can find the video from that short moment." (Battlefield 4, CES 2014, PC, Tech)

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fatstarr  +   571d ago
isnt this game broken tho?
Shakengandulf  +   571d ago
Its broken to a degree, the odd loading screen looping over and over, sound missing on certain levels, and netcode/lag here and there.. Otherwise you can still get a perfect match every now and than.
My Msi laptop will probably be the last pc, but this Mantle is still very interesting.
Metallox  +   571d ago
DICE will spend its entire life until this game it's completely fixed, so that means we will never get Mirror's Edge 2 (sarcasm) Still I don't think they will be able to repair completely the game, it's too late.
venom06  +   571d ago
Nope.... It's nowhere near as bad as some of the people try to make people believe it is.. That game actually plays great now the crashing has GREATLY decreased. But it's the new "cool thing" to rush to N4G and bash anything BF4 related, so play the game for yourself and enjoy it.. It's a lot of fun. This mantle thing looks interesting.
SneeringImperialist  +   571d ago
The game in general just feels like it was forced out the door for the next gen consoles.
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bobsmith  +   571d ago
how much a computer or steam machine that can run this cost
AndroidVageta  +   571d ago
All the ones I've seen so far are $500 at the lowest. Those can comfortably run BF4 with their specs (usually a quad-core AMD CPU, HD 7870 GPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB hard drive). Although keep in mind that the SteamOS is Linux based and BF4 doesn't support Linux so if you got a Steam Machine you'd have to install Windows on it.
webeblazing  +   571d ago
bf4 is on pc is in a different league on pc. just like bf3. you have different frame rate and res. its all how you want it. its like those old McDonald commercial "Have it YOUR WAY."

most pc gamers on this site say stuff about gfx because they run on higher res which give them more detail than next gen consoles, but truthfully bf4 and a couple of other games is the most demanding right now. so with that said seeing as i didnt buy bf4 idk lol. im not gonna feed you bullsh!t. i want to say what it should be able to run on a rig given the benchmarks but real experience is always better. but do realize pc have more graphical option on their side than console and they get new ones as soon as it comes out without upgrading if you gfx card can handle it.

ok with that said can someone answer this nice gentleman question.
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zeee  +   571d ago
^ say what??
AndroidVageta  +   571d ago
AMD can we please have some actual benchmark numbers instead of this coy "up to 45%" bullshit? Is it 45% all the time? Some of the time? In short spikes before it falls down to 5% on average?

*SIGH!*...guess we'll just have to keep waiting until real results come out.
NarooN  +   571d ago
I feel you, but these companies never give out precise benches. It's always buried under PR-speek. Intel and Nvidia do the same thing.

Just wait for your usual favorite tech sites to get a hold of it once DICE finally releases the patch, then you'll know how potent it really is.
Agent_hitman  +   571d ago
I don't know about you guys but still BF4 is a broken game even if it runs on Mantle API
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kingduqc  +   571d ago
45% is a big big jump, but the thing is only a handfull of game will ever use it and it's only on a really small portion of the gpu market.

Im way more excited about 4k monitor with g sync.
AndroidVageta  +   570d ago
Not true. There are already three major engines that have it built in native. Frostbite being one of them...an engine that has something like 10+ games in development already. So to say "a handful" of games is a complete and utter lie.
AllroundGamer   571d ago | Offensive
Activemessiah  +   571d ago
45% from which hardware? I don't get it...
DanielGearSolid  +   571d ago
It's pretty simple, most companies think we're stupid, so they make claims... Expecting us to just accept it

Similar to the "Fastest selling console" conspiracy lol
johny5  +   571d ago
Shouldn't Mantle hed been implemented on the Next Gen consoles?
You figure if they had waited till Mantle was ready Battle field 4 would have a lot less bugs and could have run at 1080p on the PS4?

So what the hell EA?
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Kennytaur  +   571d ago
Mantle is low-level API, consoles already have that. Could maybe help XO though, if that's using DirectX, but probably not.
johny5  +   571d ago
Do you think it will be implemented through a software update or do they have to rebuild the engine and rerelease it as a game of the year edition?

I'd imagine the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 will be able to do full HD if they use mantle?

Hopefully if they start to use this API for the next gen consoles we get more games in 1080p and stable frames with new game releases.
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Kennytaur  +   571d ago
No, listen. Consoles already have the equivalent of mantle built in, so to speak. Mantle is made to let PCs get some of the same advantages consoles already have.

Do you know how Direct X works? It's like the language your graphics card reads, Mantle is the same thing but allow access to lower-level optimisation. This is already a thing with consoles, they have the most custom language with plenty of access to lower-level stuff. Lower-level being a good thing, coding to the metal, making more use of the hardware potential.

The language read by consoles will be improved in time, and so that will bring further improvements.
WeedyOne  +   570d ago
Kennytaur is right.

To put it in layman's terms...

Direct X speaks a different language than the rest of your computer and your computer uses resources to translate the information.

Mantle is basically speaking the same language that your pc already understands so it doesn't have to waste resources translating the information which results in a performance boost.
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AllroundGamer  +   571d ago
showing BF4 is like showing a retarded child... that's how bad the game is. (lol this comment was marked as offensive... so many retarded kids here? :D )
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