Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Review-Just Push Start

JPS Writes "Lego games have always been popular since they started with the Star Wars series. The main reason the Lego gams have done so well is because they’re all based on popular franchises. As of late, the Lego games have implemented voices and branched out to include somewhat of a sandbox element within them. Lego Marvel Super Heroes looks to take us on a grand adventure to live up to if not surpass the bar set by Lego Batman 2. The PlayStation 4 version looks to go above and beyond the previous released current-gen version which was met with great reception. Can it surpass that or has it run out of blocks to build with?"

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Funky Town_TX1436d ago

This game is a blast to play on PS3.

FoxTC1431d ago

This looks quite good and seems to be getting consistently good reviews, I've never been tempted with any of the Lego games I think just being based around Lego sometimes makes people right these games off, I'm certainly guilty of that.