GTA IV gets 1.01 patch, freezing fixed

Looks like Grand Theft Auto IV got a little band-aid patchwork today with a 1.01 update. It's a small little tweak at 18 MB, and it supposedly will fix up those freezing problems everyone's been getting antsy over. So far, we've been playing with the new patch for the past few minutes and everything seems to be going smoothly.

Via PS3Fanboy

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THE_JUDGE3871d ago

I'm glad that Rockstar is still on their game, hopefully thins patch cures all freezing ills all across the board.

theKiller3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

its confirmed ps3 version is superior! if anyone doesnt agree with me he/she can check it with a little search in google or even in N4G but in the review sections of GTA4 and comparisons.

and if u r about to buy a console for GTA4 think of what u want more DLC which no one knows a thing about coming this fall or MGS4 next month!

Montrealien3871d ago

the killer, you are borderline fanboy, people have choice and as of now people have been chosing both because they are both the same. I have both consoles and I can`t wait for MGS4 and the GTA 4 DLC for my 360 version of GTA4.

*runs off to play Boom Blox*

Violater3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Please lets stay on topic.

As for the freezing I got it a couple times in the beginning of the game then I disconnected from the network, beat a few missions the reconnected to the network, things have been running smooth since.
Hopefully this patch fixes the issue thoroughly though.
I have also played a couple online games without issues.

theKiller3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

what u mean by borderline fanboy? am not a fanboy but i am a fan of playstation(i hope u see the diiference), and what i said about which version is better was the truth!! or u rather to lie and say both versions r equal?? but read carefully i never said the 360 version is bad i just said the better one is ps3 version, they r both great games!!

no problem! happy gaming for all gamers!


1080pxbr5 playing now.....

this game is what crack was in the 80s

Montrealien3871d ago


fair enough, sorry about that.

ATLRoAcH3871d ago

...R* can focus on stabilizing the online. I get dropped a lot of times in the beginning of a game with "connection to one or more players has been lost". I have a good internet connection and all other online games work fine. Theres some things they have to smooth out still I guess. I played a bunch the first few days it was out and it started doing this thing more over the weekend (when they were off I guess). I think they're are getting it going though because I played a few games online last night. I guess Monday they got back to work. I'm glad they fixed the freezing issue. I wasn't effected by it but I know some who were. I'm nearly 50% through the single player and working on getting my 3rd star in multi. I LOVE this game.

Silellak3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

What makes you a fanboy, instead of just a "fan" as you claim, is that this news has nothing to do with the 360, and yet you insisted on bringing the "360 vs PS3 version" crap into this thread.

If you are secure in your purchase, and aren't a fanboy as you claim, what does it matter what version people have? What drove you to post such an off-topic statement?

theKiller3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

well what the definition of fan?? i dont play games often, i dont have any next gen console, i like good gaming consoles!

and about bringing the 360 topic here, well its that simple my friend i have read hundreds of posts here and they were arguing about which version is better so its stupid to ignore that fact just to prove ur r not a fanboy!! am not a fanboy and i will say it loud and clear ps3 is better in many many ways to 360, thats a fact and this year they have much better games coming, and if u want to have what ps3 have with 360 it will cost u more, still am not a fanboy i see where is the better product and i dont try to defend a defective product like some people by not mentioning the competition faults!

back to topic, GTA4 on ps3 with this patch is the better then the competition(360).

tordavis3871d ago

Dude, you are more of a fanboy than a fan. Anyone who's played both versions can clearly see that they are the same. You would have to be delusional to say one is better than the other.

Martini3871d ago

So you don't have any of the next gen. consoles but you know all this huh ?? Go buy ps3 - Sony loves uninformed peeps like you to buy into their hype :)

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DomUltra3871d ago

Strange this wasn't caught in Q&A, either GTA4 was obviously rushed or something fishy is goin' on.

Kleptic3871d ago

the issue is mostly due to how Sony handles updates...AC did this exact same thing, but Ubisoft determined it was related to the PS3's OS, and not the actual that case Sony fixed the freezing, not Ubisoft...

the developers go through final Q&A with a certain OS version on the PS3...the PS3 just had an update 2 weeks before the game was released, which was most likely after the Q&A and final testing was was probably already in for pinting and packaging...the update may have changed some things, not necessarily on purpose, that caused some hiccups...

it was most likely more of a PS3 problem because sony pumps out a ton more software updates than MS...the PS3 gets a major update usually once a month...the 360 only gets 2 a year...leaving this problem much less likely...

also though...Sony truely needs a defragger for the xmb...if games are caching huge files to the HDD regularly, this is going to become more of a problem...they could easily add a defragger to the setting menu that would defrag the drive over night (thats not exactly a complicated program)...maybe in the next update...but fragmented drives are going to make bigger games like this a nightmare for everyone...

until then, we will see random freezing errors with any streamed open world games...if the entire environment is being streamed in real time...a fragmented sector on the HDD will hang up the cache, and bam...stuff will still freeze...this update most likely adds some leniancy for fragmented data, in which the game will noticably stumble, but won't freeze...I don't think anything will be truely fixed though until a defragger is implemented...

LevDog3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Im gonna have to disagree with the above statement.. For the simplest of reasons.. If it was the PS3.. Why didnt more freezes happen... IM going of my friends and our games.. OF the 15 that got it.. only 1 had problems of the 15 8 have launch 60s (supposedly the problem console for this game).. Another reason I dont think its the PS3.. This is the only game ever on PS3 to have the problem.. and how many games have come out.. I can understand that if more games have this problem then is the PS3.. But if its just one.. Then Rockstar did something..

I own Oblivion and that world is 3 times as big as GTA4.. No freezes so the whole open world thing doesnt seem to add up..

Before you or someone else gets all Nutty.. ITS a Personal opinion.. Seems like if you dont say that now people get all butt hurt

DomUltra3871d ago

After reading LevDog's comment I'm going to have to agree with him, the game would fall into the minority so small it's less than 1%, same like AC, we tons of other games that run fine.

zapass3871d ago

same here, me & my buddies pretty much all have 60GB launch models and not a single one of us had a freeze.

me thinks this was blown way out of proportions.
but who would benefit from bullsh!t like that?

the game is phenomenal, and I especially appreciate no popups which my xbuddies can't :P

Kleptic3871d ago

LevDog...I mentioned in my above post that assCreed did the same publically reported the freezing glitch as a small bug in the PS3's operating system...and released an updatea day later as one of the X.01 things we occasionally get...

Warhawk also had freezing problems...that was fixed though through a developer patch...not a firmware update...

as far as GTAIV...I have a 60gig ps3 purchased in March of 07...not sure if any changes had been made to that unit, or if it is effectively a 'launch' ps3...I have had the game freeze twice in about 30 hours of was online, inwhich I had to reinstall the game date file in order for it to load my saved was the widely reported 'first date' hiccup that many experienced...

I am not sure what you mean by 'its not the PS3' most certainly is the PS3 in some form or another...whether its PS3 operating sytem side or on the developers side is the issue...and it appears from take two that its developer side, hence the patch from them...

and you could be right about the HDD...but there really is no arguing tha the xmb needs a defragger...we are constantly installing and deleting stuff...its going to get fragmented...thats the way it works...having the option to defrag the drive won't hurt anyone...

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Skater3871d ago

I just started up the game, pressed OK to update, and now all I can see is a black screen. PS button doesn't work and I'm afraid of turning it off from the system. What should I do?

KozmoOchez3871d ago

it fixed the online servers...not the freezing...sorry to break the news

but i too thought it was too fast for a complete fix

Keowrath3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

If the harddisk isn't flashing turn it off either by holding finger on the power button on the main console or by switching the power off from the rear then try again. I had the same thing with the last burnout patch. No problems after the reboot.

iheartSONY3871d ago

I powered down the PS3 and it still didnt download until I ejected the disc then put it back in and started the game. Then the same mssg "blah blah, must download new version, blah blah" so I hit "X" and it all went smooth from there!

So dont give up on the patch just try again.
I also deleted a lot of content off my PS3 60gb hard drive and deleted the "GTAIV install and then reinstalled the game and it hasnt froze yet(going on 5 days now).
It has worked for a lot of people! Try it!

Dorian_D3871d ago

This didn't fix my issue. Keeps freezing at the opening cutscene.

Adamalicious3871d ago

If you haven't tried it delete your Game Data and reinstall.

ShAkKa3871d ago

sign out of your psn account it will probably start if you do this.

iheartSONY3871d ago

1)Delete any content on your Ps3 that you can live without. like episodes of any shows, videos, game demos you no longer play, even instals of other games like GT5 Prologue(i did), but not your saved game data. You can always reinstall the game later.

2) Delete the GTAIV "game install", but not the saved game data.

3) Now start the game and reinstall GTAIV. I turned off the "Auto save" feature in the game, not sure if that helped me any but I was told to so I did.

4) Now you will have to download the new "game patch".

5) The game has worked flawlessly for me and others!

Tell me if this works. GOOD LUCK!

solidt123870d ago

iheartSONY, all of the stuff you listed is not needed. Just re-install the game and it will work.

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