Game Informer Cover To Show Next Gen Reveal that Will Make People "Flip Out Over;" Coming Tomorrow

Game Informer Editor in Chief Andy McNamara just mentioned that the cover to be revealed tomorrow will include a “next gen only” reveal that will make people “Flip out over”


Updated with additional information: it's not God of War, Gears of War or Half-Life 3

Update 2: Evolve

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BluP1439d ago

Please be Sony's VR head-mount display thingy...

Please be Sony's VR head-mount display thingy...

Abriael1439d ago

I'm pretty sure it'll be a game :D

AngelicIceDiamond1439d ago

I rather it being a game then a VR announcement

AngelicIceDiamond1439d ago

"I should mention we have a kick ass cover reveal tomorrow morning at 11am Central. Next-Gen only that I think people will flip out over."

Thank god its next gen only. Sorry but current gen is really holding back next gen.

iamnsuperman1439d ago

Timesplitters (I know we are meant be getting this rewind thing but a cover of that would be awesome)

jimbobwahey1439d ago

I'm surprised that people still pay attention to these media types trying to build hype so people click through to their sites. These reveals are ALWAYS disappointing, there has yet to be one single exception to the rule, yet still people get themselves excited every single time.

You guys are all whipped-up into a hype far too easily.

Pogmathoin1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Only Fallout 4 can flip me! , on X1 too.... Sorry, for the fanboys.... DS4 is a great controller now, so could handle it on PS4....

lolCHILLbro1439d ago

titanfall!! TitanFALL!!! TITANFALLLLL!!!!!!!

Abriael1439d ago

@SuperLupe: Says next gen "only" so it's unlikely to be a game that has already been released on old gen.

GTgamer1439d ago

I swear to Bob that reveal better be flip out worthy.

MestreRothN4G1439d ago

So GTA5 'definitive edition' for 60 bucks. Amirite?

MajorLazer1439d ago

The much anticipated sequel to E.T. ;D

mikeslemonade1439d ago

A Gears of War or GTA5 wouldn't make me "flip out".

dedicatedtogamers1439d ago

This is Game Informer. Pul-eeeze.

It'll be an exclusive reveal of a game we already know about like Battlefront or maybe the new Star Control.

KidBroSweets21439d ago

Someone in the comment thread has a link saying it's Destiny but I already got that issue last month.....

NukaCola1439d ago

Fallout 4

Yeah yeah I'm still a wasteland believer.

scott1821439d ago

The guerilla in the room is Uncharted right? I know I am getting my hopes up though.

kingfetish171439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I'll guess the next Red Dead or Bully 2. Leaning more towards the next Red Dead tho.

Panthers1438d ago

@ scott

Uncharted PS4 was already announced I thought. Its Naughty Dogs first Next Gen game.

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majiebeast1439d ago

Crash Bandicoot 4! trololololo

raytraceme1439d ago

Scumbag!!! I hope u become a mutant and die a slow and painful death just like poor Crash Bandicoot did :'(

:p but in reality I can't guess at all what it could be. Maybe a ps4 exclusive or maybe a new ip from epic? Those are my 2 guesses.

nope1111439d ago

I'd play the shit out of that.

BitbyDeath1439d ago

It's all fun and games til you realise you are gobblin' balls

Conzul1439d ago

Well it IS called "MS" Pacman =P

jb2271439d ago


normally that would definitely be the case, but we have to keep in mind that Game Informer is a magazine out to sell issues, they typically only ever feature big games so as to sell more copies. I've never seen low key indie games or remastered ones on their covers. Look at GI's track record of revealing games, it's actually pretty great. This is bound to be a big game, I'm guessing it might be Fallout 4...GI premiered the last Rainbow 6 game that never dropped as well, maybe it's primed for a re reveal...I'd love for it to be Uncharted but I highly doubt that

ABizzel11439d ago

MS and Nintendo have shown pretty much their plans for 2014, so most of their surprise are probably being reserved for E3, or Nintendo Direct.

So it's either Sony or 3rd party. However, the tweet says platform(s), so I doubt it's an exclusive, unless it's PC + console exclusive.


Epic's new game seems most likely, considering all the Unreal Engine 4 demos made over the years there has to be some kind of game nearing completion.

Steam coming to consoles (XBO/PS4). That could be huge as well.

Crytech's new game. Ryse has been in development for years, and Crysis 2 and 3 came out in that same time, so a demo of their next game is possible.

Gaikai since it's technically on multiple platform(s) (PS4 / PSV / rumored PS3). Hopefully it upscales PS3 games to 1080p for the PS4 (improved textures would be nice as well which is possible by uploading HD texture code).

A few other things, but those are the major ones I'd like to see.

kneon1439d ago

Well Sony's CES keynote is later today so the timing would be right for a Sony exclusive.

DeletedAcc1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

U4 (yes revealed but not fully revealed) or CP2077 (same goes to this) ??????? SSM NEW IP?

SnotyTheRocket1439d ago

Call of Battlefield: Modern Black Flag YOLO Triple Shottie Extreme IV

toddybad1439d ago

Disappointingly,crap like that would sell

psman0121439d ago

Fallout 4 PLEASEEEE. Either way, I doubt I'll be too disappointed.

Faztkiller1439d ago

Could be a Naughty Dog game they said look for info early in 2014 didn't they?

Goro1439d ago

Naughty Dog said last week they are only working on Uncharted PS4 & TLOU DLC.

quaneylfc1439d ago

im going to say the flip out bit is a pun, maybe mirrors edge or sunset overdrive.

quaneylfc1439d ago

plus it says cover reveal not game reveal, it could be anything that has already been announced

CorndogBurglar1438d ago

I'm pretty sure that means they're revealing it on their cover. It wouldn't really be a reveal if its something people already know about...

wannabe gamer1439d ago

Project Evolve from TurtleRock Studios. more info in my other comment on current last page of comments

JackISbacK1439d ago

can any body tell me waht is tomorrow ,is it ces ,i hope not its ces,becasue its a sony event and why he will bring gears and half life into it ,i think its any othere event but i want to see uncharted in ces and quantum break from MS event and obviously halo 5,fables legends and black tusk studios unannounced project.

iiorestesii1439d ago

Seriously. I don't need any more gear to play my non existent game library on.

TheSaint1439d ago

If the announcements not meh then I'll delete my account.

Hellsvacancy1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Mass Effect 4 or hopefully Fallout 4

Kidmyst1438d ago

Here it is, sounds cool but I didn't flip out over the cover though.

3-4-51438d ago

* Snowboard Kids 3

* Mario 64-2

* Bomberman Wii U ( like Bomberman 64)

* Radiant Historia 2

* Dragon Quest 11

* Bravely 3rd announced

* New Suikoden game

* PS All-stars 2, but with the REAL cast of all stars, and few from the first game.

* Japan is localizing every game for NA that never made it over in the past 10 years.

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Walker1439d ago

Please be Next Uncharted !

Unreal011439d ago

I think that's already been revealed?

Walker1439d ago

Announcement of announcement

NYC_Gamer1439d ago

I hope its a new rpg that's revealed tomorrow

Abriael1439d ago

Amen brother, amen. We really need some new ones.

Kayant1439d ago

Yep. I will die if it's Dragon's Dogma 2 (Unlikely i know but I do hope Capcom makes one)

malokevi1439d ago

Hello Kitty Island Adventure 2 *fingers crossed*

Evildoomnerd1439d ago

You're kidding, right? CLEARLY all the gamers around the world demand the physics defying next-gen sequel to Big Rigs!

iiwii1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


I liked that game, but I sucked at it. My rig always ran out of fuel.

who remembers "Hot Chix 'n Gear Stix"?

iDadio1439d ago

Oh god the memories of seeing Big Rigs in action, makes Ride to Hell seem like a GoTY contender

Why o why1439d ago

Lol. My daughter would love that....she's a gamer too

1439d ago
MythicalBlade1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

COD Black Ops 3!!!!!!................jk

I_am_Batman1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

No offense to Call of Duty fans but how can someone really be exited about a new CoD.

ThatOneGuyThere1439d ago

because blops2 was crazy fun and ghosts was terrible. thats why.

frostypants1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Another CoD would be "meh", but that said, it is true that Black Ops 2 >>>>>>> Ghosts. Treyarch's CoD games are at least marginally fun.