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Submitted by Abriael 761d ago | news

Drakengard 3 Director Says He’s a “Strange” Game Developer, Encourages Fans Not to Have Expectations

Drakengard 3 Director Taro Yoko is known as a bit of an eccentric developer, but lately he received many encouraging messages from fans all over the world, especially expressing expectation and enthusiasm for his next game.

Today he responded to them, encouraging them to keep their expectations in check. (Drakengard 3, PS3, Yoko Taro)

SonyCloud  +   761d ago
Expectations aside, keep up the Demands!
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Abriael  +   761d ago
Gotta bounce em on Square Enix too though.
Thomaticus  +   761d ago
I don't buy "strange" games for 59.99. Unless it's Katamari Damacy!
isarai  +   761d ago
then you've probably missed out on some great titles
The Great Melon  +   761d ago
Nah nahhhh nah nah nah nah nah...
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WeAreLegion  +   761d ago
I feel like the incestuous story proved that years ago.
isarai  +   761d ago
best advice ever IMO, i like his... different approach to games and even if you might not completely agree with all the oddities, to me it's some good variation and creativity to keep things fresh
Juste_Belmont  +   761d ago
Well, I recently bought Drakengard for the PS2 at a local mom and pop shop just to see what the series was about. I also have Nier, which I've heard is set in the same universe, so hopefully I can play the first and second games in time for the Western release of this game.
Whitefox789  +   760d ago
Going to clarify a little something for you just to show you how weird this guy is.

Drakengard (Great story, pretty bad gameplay) has multiple endings.

Nier (I think is awesome story and gameplay wise) is a product of one of those multiple endings with very very very very slight references to Drakengard.

One of the other multiple endings which is canon was used to make Drakengard 2 (Great gameplay, pretty bad story).

So by that logic Nier isn't canon but yet it exists within the universe regardless (What if? Scenario?)
Juste_Belmont  +   760d ago
Thanks, I'm looking forward to Drakengard, and I guess I'll go into Drakengard 2 with low expectations for the story.

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