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Twinfinite writes: Happy new year, Twinfiknights! Boy, what a year 2013 was, amirite? Here’s looking forward to 2014 with gaming resolutions! Now, I don’t make resolutions usually as I’m simply a woman of action, but I still wanted to make an episode on gaming resolutions that you should make and keep this year. I hope you find one you like. I missed out on putting one that says, “Don’t be a little bitch.”

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curtis921598d ago

1080p is my gaming resolution this year. Happy new year!

BABY-JEDI1598d ago

That's as clever a comment can be within this context well said & bubble up

PurpHerbison1598d ago

Here is a good resolution and not directly at anybody particular... Stop thinking you are the sh*t at every single game. We all use Google.