411: Protothea Preview

Ubisoft is throwing their name into the hat of third party publishers developing WiiWare launch titles with a remake of the 2005 PC title Protothea. The game is a top-down vertical scrolling shooter game putting players in complete control of a last-generation spaceship, with the challenge to destroy an asteroid called "Maqno 01" and sabotage the plans of the political faction called "The Core."

With the game being a remake, Ubisoft has made some improvements to the game such as adding 3 new missions to the previous 7 of the original as well as 4 unique planets where players will battle through ten levels and two difficulty settings to destroy the plans of "The Core," a faction that plans to use the minerals extracted from the Maqno asteroid to build an army of bio-machines with the objective to control the Free Planets Federation.

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