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XboxOZ360 writes:

"Gamers have been calling out for ages for new innovations in games, but, innovation from a developers standpoint means huge risks factors, and usually will not get the financial support from the all important publishers who will basically be funding the developers of said new IP.

(Publishers) know that making it just that little bit different, and have it involve a different gameplay mechanic, and you could face the wrath of the gaming public, especially the hardcore ones who, while still not the major buyers in the greater scope of things, do have a say big and very vocal say about the games they play, which in turn ends up on screens and pages across the world if the game turns belly up.

Digital Illusions CE (ie DICE) have grabbed this bull by the horns and given it a damn good shake..."

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theKiller3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

and i loved the music in it, but i still think it would have been better if they put a child or teenager but male who is looking for his mom or trying to save her etc.

himdeel3873d ago

...I just wonder how the gameplay and story will pan out. It's pretty though.

gaminoz3873d ago

The game looks good, but I'd get tired of jumping around the same modern skyscaper environment all game....hopefully there is some enough diversity so that it isn't just fun for an hour or so.

Still, good to see some games trying to be different: first person freerunning...I'll get vertigo for sure!

XboxOZ3603873d ago

I just popped 2 videos up in the article this morning, one has in-game footage and the other is an interview with the developers about the game and its concepts. Very interesting viewing actually.

kwicksandz3810d ago

Burnout paradise, bad company and now mirrors edge.

the EA curse has been lifted!