Microsoft: PC Will Always Be Center Of Innovation

For several years, Microsoft has been building its Games For Windows initiative in an attempt to breathe new life into the PC gaming market - which, depending on who you ask, is either dead and buried, thriving like never before, or anywhere in between.

In 2006, then-Microsoft VP Peter Moore declared that the company had "neglected the PC business" in the wake of its Xbox focus.

Since then, the firm has launched a new series of voluntary, no-royalty standards to help give more consistency as well as various shared online features to the oldest current major gaming platform. Microsoft is backing the effort with marketing investment at retail and elsewhere.

Games For Windows senior director Kevin Unangst unsurprisingly falls on the bullish end of the PC gaming judgment spectrum. He spoke with Gamasutra about the reception to the program, the recently announced PC Gaming Alliance, Games For Windows Live's main competition in Valve's Steam Community, and why PCs aren't (or shouldn't) end up too much like consoles.

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