IGN - How Much Prettier is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition?

IGN - We got a hands-on look at the next-gen version of Tomb Raider, and it looks at least a *hair* better (get it?!).

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-Mezzo-1358d ago

Missed it on PS3, will get it on PS4, but that $60 price tag is a tough pill to swallow.

I would have get it used for the PS3, but sadly I decided to give it away to my nephew after getting a PS4.

Godmars2901358d ago

Well, since getting it for the PS3 wasn't a priority, why not wait for it to come down in price or a sale?

-Mezzo-1358d ago

We'll I've finished:

AC: Black Flag
Killzone: + over 70+HRS of MP
Battlefield 4: + over 70+HRS of MP

Now I'm bored, so getting this will keep me busy until, infamous & Watch Dogs.

Yi-Long1358d ago

Again, just let your wallet do the talking.

If you think this HD-upgrade of a year old game isn't worth 60 bucks, then just wait for it to hit the bargain bin.

I know I will.

Nicxel1358d ago have too much time on your hands haha

DevilishSix1358d ago

Yeah I don't agree with the port comments, if anything its a PC port that has been reworked and upgraded, it's not an upgraded 360 or PS3 version. Selling it at $60 on a new platform is their call and they have every right to do that. Would it sell a ton more at $40, yes I believe it would. I picked up a new copy for the 360 at $20 a few months back and haven't opened it. Now I would rather play this newer version so I either need to sell the unopened copy for $20 or wait for this version to drop to $30 or 40 to justify the purchase. I have to figure out what I'm going to do.

Reverent1358d ago

This game really isn't worth $60. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game and everything but it's pretty average.

I got it for free with the purchase of my Graphics Card, and while I like the game, I couldn't imagine spending that much money on it.

Ju1358d ago

This game is totally worth the $60. Of course it is. It is one if not the best Tomb Raider and one of the best games of last year.


Not as a remake! This is ridiculous. I already have the PS3 version. Give me an upgrade price. I'd pay more than $10 - which I payed for BF4 - but not $60.

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hankmoody1358d ago

It's a spiffed up rehash. Send a message by not buying it and waiting for it to come down in price. At $60, they're trying to gouge us all in the hopes of making up some of the cash that they thought they were gonna get from the initial release last gen. If that original release is any indication, the price is gonna plummet within a month or two.

PockyKing1358d ago

Why's it such a BIG deal that they're re-releasing this? If you already bought it don't buy it again, simple as that. There's no reason to act like their a greedy company over this.

There's people that didn't buy it on PS3 and Xbox 360 and those people may or may not be interested in getting it on the next-gen consoles.

Nobody's forcing you to buy the game so stop with the, "they're trying to gouge us all in the hopes of making up some of the cash that they thought they were gonna get from the initial release last gen."

hankmoody1358d ago

@pockyking I'm not saying I'm being forced to buy it but c'mon now... streeting this title at a full $60 is nonsense. If they had put this out at a $40 price point, the game would literally fly off of the shelves. I'll be getting it when it drops in price and not a moment sooner. And also, if you don't believe that they're trying to recoup their losses by selling the game at a premium price, then I probably won't be able to convince you of the fact.

modesign1358d ago

pocky, the difference is tomb raider next is just tomb raider with a couple more effects, and they want to milk $60 for something thats a port, its not even a remake, its just porting it to ps4 with couple more effects.

all other multiplats that go from last gent to now give you a option to only pay $10 to upgrade to the current gen version.

so if you played tomb raider for ps3, you now have to spend $60 to play the same ps3 game for ps4.

HiddenMission1358d ago

It's a year of development time not a spiffed up rehash do your research.

The tressfx was completely rewritten for use on Lara for the PS4 and XBOXONE.

Dynamic weather system.

Remodeled face for Lara.

Subsurface texture adding more realistic skin to Lara.

Equipment no has physics.

1080p and 30fps and above.

Improved stability for MP.

All DLC included.

Gamers need to stop acting like everything should be cheap as shit.

Remember we were all cool with buying God of War 2 for the PS3 for $30 and all that was done was 1080p, 60fps and trophies.

So yeah $60 for a game that has been brought into next gen with more than minor graphics not all of us picked it up for last gen so someone like myself who missed it last gen will get a vastly superior experience.

disagreeing means that you pretty much are cheap and should stick to the bargain bin purchases. If can't see the value from the improvements that I listed above then you should reconsider if you're actually a gamer or not.

Just my opinion but I'm sure I'll get a bunch of phantom disagrees and no one actually countering my points with logic.

Destrania1358d ago

They should have used their time and resources working on a new game instead of a 1080p re-release of this imo.

AndrewLB1358d ago

HiddenMission- BS. The TressFX hair feature was ported straight over from the PC version which had this almost a year ago, as were most other improvements.

And all this talk about it being better than PC is nonsense. The only way it would be better is if you're comparing it to PC on medium settings, with Ambient occulsion set to high performance, and no anisotropic filtering.

here.... read.

"Tomb Raider for Xbox One and PS4 looks to be a more technically accomplished version of the original that brings it closer to the superior PC version. So in that respect, it might well be the 'definitive version' on consoles, but it won't offer those that already played it anything new. However, the game itself has already garnered much critical acclaim, so for those that didn't experience the original, this is the one to get if you have a new console."


_FantasmA_1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Pockyking. I think the complaints are justified. Its not $60 worth of game if the PS3 an PC versions were being sold for $20 or less many times.

Is there really $45 worth of DLC in the package? Maybe the new Lara model is worth $45? Its a port an it should be about $40. It was an excellent game, probably the best game of 2012 for me in the previous gen, and I'd like to buy it, but at $60 the older version is still a better value.

They are competing against themselves. Tell me when someone goes to the store and sees the PS3 version for $20 and the PS4 version for $60, which copy gets to go home to someone's mom's basement?

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MidnytRain1358d ago

Vanilla Tomb Raider gets steep discounts (like 80%) during sales. Just wait for one of those and it'll be a ton a cheaper.

dericb111358d ago

I know alot of people don't like the $60 price tag, but they are least improving stuff and not just the run of the mill 60 FPS/1080P like most.

Sano641358d ago

but it's not 60 fps, it's only 30..

Tapewurm1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I grabbed the Collector's Edition of this for PS3 and the game was fantastic, but I do have to agree that it should be discounted a bit, just for the simple fact that a lot of folks have already played through the game....if they added another few hours of additional story I could see dropping the cash for the full price, but not for the same story..... looking forward to seeing it though on the PS4... eventually

JoGam1358d ago

Just don't swallow the pill.

ABizzel11358d ago


Take it back, and tell him he can have the PS3 next year for Christmas XD

ziggurcat1358d ago

tomb raider single player is surprisingly good. i loved every minute of it.

multiplayer on it is mediocre, though.

robtion1358d ago

Article is a joke. If it looks so good then why no video or screenshots?

Valenka1358d ago

I keep hearing complaints about the $60 price tag, but what people don't seem to grasp is that even though its a re-release, it comes packed with all of the downloadable content on top of better graphics, physics and gameplay. It's well worth the $60 with just the DLC combined alone, nevermind with the improvements to the base game.

Tru_Blu1357d ago

Same here, Killzone is getting old. Ready for something new and didn't play it on PS3 either.

Bobby Kotex1357d ago

I think you're the only category of buyer that makes sense. They must be crazy if they want us to buy this a 2nd time at full price.

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Becuzisaid1358d ago

The best TR since the original. I beat it on PS3. Luckily I had "borrowed" it from my brother's PSN account, so I didn't have to pay for it, but $60 is still a lot for a game that I've already beaten. I might wait to see how long it takes to go on sale for $30-40. There's too many games that I want over this one.

_QQ_1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

pirate /s

MestreRothN4G1358d ago

Ain't it the compensation for digital pieces having the same price tag as resellable/lendable physical copies?

fossilfern1358d ago

Really? I think the new TR isnt all that great its just another average 3rd Person shooter.

Becuzisaid1358d ago

It's more about exploration and traversal than being a 3rd person shooter, which the original TR was. Also, TR became more of a 3rd person shooter as more sequels came out - have you ever played the Venice level from TR2 (the second level)? It was fully of running around shooting Italian gangsters!

MilkMan1358d ago

This should be $30, BUT S-E wants that cheese and they want it anyway they can. Remember what a let down it was when they only sold 3 mil? I guess they figure they system has zero games right now and gamers have a thirst they must quench and they will fork over $65 to get their fill.

I think they better think again.

caseh1358d ago

If you ask me the release is S-E wanting a bit of the PS4 market while choices are thin on the ground as far as games go.

Also a bit of time killing while they finalise the FFIV release.

WiIIiam1358d ago

I bought the PS3 version for $15 right before Christmas, but enjoyed it so much that I'd consider buying this at a $40 price point if the game's performance was improved as much as its graphics were. Considering the article doesn't mention its frame rate at all, I'm guessing it hasn't been upgraded to 60fps.

MestreRothN4G1358d ago

30 fps confirmed, even being a last gen game.

Faztkiller1358d ago

Well with all those upgrades I'd say it's 30fps still. From the sound of this article this may be the best looking next gen game so far. Idk though Killzone looks amazing. But for those upgrades I'm gladly gonna pay $60 again.

Corpser1358d ago

Ps4 is not running any demanding games in 1080p 60 FPS, so by now we can assume 30 FPS

Infamous ss, the division, ff14,watch dogs,bf4,ac4,kzsf sp, need for speed rivals

starchild1358d ago

You shouldn't expect 60fps on PS4 or Xbox One. Most games are and will continue to be 30fps.

Wizard_King1358d ago

At best the "next gen" consoles will achieve 60fps at 1080 when you are standing still with nothing going on, like looking up at the sky. As soon as you would look down at the game they the fps would vary between 30-50.

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ninjagoat1358d ago

End off the day are you gonna be dumb enough to pay $60 for a game you have already played and a Hair do? :D.

BattleTorn1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I haven't played it, and the (dumb) feeling is still there

kevnb1358d ago

if you are coming from a last gen console, its a huge upgrade.

Wizard_King1358d ago

nicer hear and slightly sexier tits is a huge upgrade?

kevnb1358d ago

its pretty blurry and messy looking on last gen consoles, I wouldn't play it again if you already played it... but its obvious its a lot better on next gen.