Games that must be announced For PS4 In 2014

"PlayStation 4 launch line-up was the best in the history of PlayStation consoles, and was enough for smooth sailing till the end of 2013. Certainly good, but PlayStation community is looking for some extra and unique magic"

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LAWSON721597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

No buddy is going to pay $400 to play the same games that are already available on their PS3. The PS4 needs new games not the same stuff from 2013. I swear half the people on this site and other game related sites just want crap from the past

LAWSON721597d ago

Man I must have been tired I said no buddy lol

SneakyDoo1597d ago

TLOU already looks great on ps3, I wanna see GTA V on ps4 on 60fps, with better textures and trailer-like character models.