10 Critically-Acclaimed 2013 Video Games (With Major Gameplay Flaws)

WC - 2013 has been a stellar year for gaming. From cinematic mainstream AAA titles like GTA V, The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite, to the steadily increasing rise of the indies like Brothers: Tale of Two Sons and Gone Home, the end of 2013 has left behind many memorable gaming experiences, and hopefully inspire success in 2014.

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PeaSFor1595d ago

on The Last Of Us:"why can the enemy see your character plain as day, but is somehow blind to the goings-on of your allies"

because it would be a pain in the ass to have an AI always wrecking the whole STEALTH gameplay, you cant really count on a AI to do exactly what YOU want, so thats why its made on purpose to not waste your effort at being stealthy.

honestly, who really want to see the AI going all "leroy jenkins" on the enemy and waste your experience? NOT ME.

GarrusVakarian1595d ago

I knew exactly what the title was referring to in regards to TLOU the moment i saw it.

Don't people read developer interviews or watch Dev diaries? It was said by ND that they INTENTIONALLY designed it that way because it would have been a pain in the *** for the enemy AI to keep spotting Ellie/Bill/Tess and end up blowing your cover.

Both options suck in my opinion (it sometimes broke immersion a little), but the option they implemented into the game sucks less.

iamnsuperman1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I think it would be like the malaria issue far cry 2 had. Great idea but never worked in practice (o e reason that game was ruined) .

The systems are just not powerful enough for ellie to hide all the time (also the developers don't want to turn ellie into some annoying character you have to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Your meant to sympathise and like Ellie as it is important for the story). It would be good if she could but I wouldn't say it was a major gameplay flaw. It would have been if the did let the enemies see ellie (especially on these 7 year old system)

-Foxtrot1595d ago

Thing is if ND did allow enemies to see your AI companion then the flaw in the game then would be "AI's always ruin stealth gameplay"

GarrusVakarian1595d ago

Exactly, it's lose-lose for ND because the haters are just going to bash either option.

As i said though, they implemented the option that sucks the least. I would much rather have enemy AI that don't see friendly AI rather than having to restart the checkpoint every 10 seconds.

StifflerK1595d ago

I think the point is that the AI should be smart enough to stay in cover.

Good example - Uncharted 2 - breaking in to the museum - your npc partner stays in cover and out of sight .

It's good that ND didn't penalise the player for the AI's faults , (unlike Res Evil 5 - Sheva's AI could be pretty frustrating at times) , but it's still not ideal.

That said - it doesn't break the game + it's still a great experience overall.

The same goes for the other games on the list - there's not a game out there that is 'perfect' - and it's easy to nit-pick over flaws - but it's the overall experience that matters most.

CrossingEden1594d ago

Yes because completely breaking immersion is totes the perfect solution to that. DERP, maybe they should've just removed the lowest common denominator stealth mechanics and leave those mechanics to games like metal gear or splinter cell.

PeaSFor1594d ago

denaturate the whole game for a minor nitpicking and whinning?WHAT?

now that's a DERPY thing to do, the blatant majority of peoples just dont care and totally enjoyed the game.

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Goro1595d ago

Here come the Naughty Dog Fanboys.

PeaSFor1595d ago

are you lost or you just doesnt have any valid points to say?

DanielGearSolid1594d ago

Stanford's Nass suggests that people are quick to vocalize their critical comments because of the "brilliant but cruel" phenomenon. This term was coined by Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile, after her research found that negative book reviews were seen as more intelligent and reliable than positive reviews, thus shedding light on people's natural wariness against overly positive evaluations.

"Being negative makes you feel smarter," says Nass. "The guy who says 'I agree' never seems as smart as the guy who says, 'I disagree.'"

SneakyDoo1594d ago

God ND fanboys, calm down about the whole AI thing.