Ars Technica: Clearing the Haze: hands on with Free Radical's PS3 debut

Ars technica writes: "The long-awaited demo of Haze is now up on the Euro PlayStation Store. The demo includes only a single, short level from the campaign, playable both alone and online with up to four players. The online play is seamless: other players merely fill the roles of the various Mantel troopers who are already fighting with you.

As Mantel troopers working through a jungle in the demo, you and your squad will quickly learn to love the drug "Nectar." Using the drug in-game boosts your abilities, making you a much more effective soldier. What's amazing about this mechanic is Nectar quickly becomes a crutch; it gives you such a significant edge in battle that, after a while, you'll begin to feel naked without it. Kills don't feel as good, the battlefield doesn't look as manageable, you run slower, you feel weaker. It's uncanny the way that the palpable feeling of need is injected into the game. What's more, if you can continuously chain rebel kills and shoot through the competition while keeping your adrenaline high, you'll become more and more powerful, to the point where you become almost invincible. Just be careful not to go overboard, or you'll quickly find yourself overdosing. The overdose isn't just for show, you'll begin firing wildly and may even commit suicide. "

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