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Frostbite "truly takes advantage" of next gen, say developers - "it'll never 'run out', per se"

"We're still, I would argue, one of the best looking next gen games," claims Battlefield 4 producer. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

MWong  +   475d ago
Please fix BF4 before saying that about your engine. The game crashes started again this weekend.
I_am_Batman  +   475d ago
They still haven't fixed the issues? That's really bad. I just hope that EA won't get away with rushing their games out like that.
MWong  +   475d ago
Don't get me wrong the game is a whole lot more stable compared to like a month ago. But, yea the game still crashes.
Guwapo77  +   475d ago
Nope they still haven't fixed them. It's my most played game at this time and it hurts my heart.
angelsx  +   475d ago
Conquest is unplayable for me on ps4 because of lag and rubber banding.
Crazyglues  +   475d ago
EA/DICE are so full of sh*t I can't even take anything they say serious anymore..

Games been broke, and they can't even get it fix.. to say they fumble the ball is an understatement.

I really hope other game companies like Bungie and the makers of The Division make battlefield a thing of the past, because there broke game does not deserve to be in the same ranks as Quality products..

EA/DICE is stupid if they think I'll buy BF5, after this crashing bug filled Beta called BF4 that they released as a finished game..

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Blachek  +   475d ago
The same could be said of BF3 at it's release and early goings, I waited a while to pick it up in late 2011 and I still bury hours into it.

It's a quality product with vast inconsistencies. I think it will level off in terms of the bugs and people will be very happy with the product, just difficult to invest in it early and not get out of it what you want.
Crazyglues  +   475d ago
@ Blachek

I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree, BF3 on PS3 had problems but they were minor compared to BF4... (now if your on PS3 your probably fine, I don't know)

-But BF4 on PS4 has been a complete mess, the game crashes so often it was unplayable at launch.. then the patches came and while they fix things here and there, the whole game is still seriously broke..

**hit bugs, where you die instantly
**Gun mechanics feel terrible like I'm shooting throw glue
**hit detection, sometimes it works sometimes it's just not there, sometimes it's not there in the begining but comes in at the end of shooting..
**Stupid fuzzing like an EMP bomb going off every five minutes is still happening..
**Game still Crashes ever now and then
**Lag is all over the place
**Joining server has some strange bug where it will say you lost connection to EA and this will happen game after game until you finally get into one
**Stupid feel of the game is awful, if you can kill more then one person without dying using something other then an LMG you are a rocket scientist because no-one I play with can, and keep in-mind these are not noobs, these are all top rank players from BF3.. because shooting mechanics are broke compared to PC.
**you keep bumping or getting stuck on little things on the ground.

and these are just a few I took off the top of my head- Come on' how can this have been beta tested..

Clearly it was not, because there is no way you would not find just these bugs..

and the game has a ton more bugs and problems, that's just off the top of my head.. are you kidding me- and I bought Premium for this sh*t -- So please when you say it's fine please try to understand others may be on a different system or have the digital copy and they may be having serious problems. Let's not just assume because yours works fine, no-one is having problems..
Guwapo77  +   475d ago
@ Crazyglues your list list of problems are 100% accurate. Where you talking about killing more than one person a clip - thats why I changed to the top of the line 12 gauge semi auto. I can get 3 sometimes 4 people with my 11 shots. *gotta be full choke tho*
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PaperClichePixel  +   475d ago
Bubble for being 100% right glue!
brightlight  +   475d ago
it's all about rubberbanding, netcode and framedrop !
3-4-5  +   475d ago
PC game works amazing, so I'm wondering what they hell they got wrong with the console versions, considering the Xb1/PS4 are built similar to a PC style anyways.

You'd think they would have figured it out by now.

I'm glad I held off getting a PS4 and got this on PC for now, BF4 was going to be my first PS4 game for a bit.

I feel bad for you guys because it's legitimately really good game.
Hellsvacancy  +   475d ago
So no excuses for a fully destructible Battlefield game
MWong  +   475d ago
Man when I saw the first trailer for BF4 (the skyscraper collapsing) I thought BF4 was going to be fully destructible.
Ares84HU  +   475d ago
I would be very, very quiet after the mess they call BF4.
SirBillyBones  +   475d ago
Well done DICE, you squeezed out the most beautiful turd in the park.
clouds5  +   475d ago
Oh the shit storm :-D
snookiegamer  +   475d ago
The words 'credibility' & 'lack of' spring to mind ;/
Thatlalala  +   475d ago
Yeah! They are off to a fantastic start! So excited for EA games, sounds weird but I LOVE crashes, season passes, recycled game design and music, and over all just plain ol big dick corporate practices. Ah the future! So exciting.
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GentlemenRUs  +   475d ago
Don't make me laugh... Just look at the mess know as BF4...
quaneylfc  +   475d ago
When everyone says how shit call of duty is (which is me this year after playing ghost.) I still think abut how stable launch weeks are for Activision. i remember call of duty 4 having online problems in the first week but after that, they learned how to stop it and applied the same formula to the launch of every game since.

I got rid of ghosts on next gen to get bf4 on next gen and I am happier. I just think it is ironic by pulling out all stops to get one over on their rival by releasing it earlier, DICE have gold stamped an unfinished game. that's why I think game rivalries are worse for the industry than better.
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IcicleTrepan  +   475d ago
It looks good and all, but honestly.. I have the PS4 version which is graphically the best of the two consoles and it STILL has weird draw distance stuff where you can watch things draw as they come into the draw range. It was close enough that I would almost say it was in the foreground. This was single player campaign but still. I thought next-gen was supposed to get rid of crap like this.
Seafort  +   475d ago
I don't know how DICE or EA can say that with a straight face.

Battlefield 3 and 4 have been a mess since their launches. You can dress up a turd however you want it's still a turd underneath all the fancy graphics.

If a multiplayer game isn't stable and crashes alot it isn't worth shit.

I dread to think what Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect 4 will be like on Frostbite engine.
AllroundGamer  +   475d ago
after BF4 where they can't even fix a basic things like netcode and hit detection i really don't care what DICE have to say, to me they are lame developers (i mean the programmers only) and should be fired and never get a job in the gaming industry.
CyrusLemont  +   475d ago
And they put the Star Wars franchise solely in the hands of this s****y company.


DLC Lightsabers day one.
KratosSaveUs  +   475d ago
Lol BF4 isn't even visually impressive on next gen Shadow Fall and Ryse put it to shame. Dice and EA can't be taken seriously.
Detoxx  +   475d ago
Battlefield 4 on PS4 still looks better then Shadowfall IMO, at least the multiplayer does.
leogets  +   475d ago
yep the mp part looks really shit compared to bf4. same goes with the gameplay..
leogets  +   475d ago
nah mate killzone shadow fall online graphics ain't impressive at all.. still can't see why all the moaning about bf4,I've spent many hr's on it and had bare laughs with my friends. yes there's servers with lag and there's no party squad invite before u start a game which is odd. but broken as u guys make out. pshhh think ya being to harsh.
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PaperClichePixel  +   475d ago
The game is funny with friends.
bamillington  +   475d ago
Never crashed on me yet awsome game and I got it day 1
KontryBoy706  +   475d ago
how about fixing the broken game before praising it. One of the worst launches EVER. I had several problems on PC and when I got my PS4 same issues too

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