OXM UK Interview: Def Leppard - British rockers talk about their new single, the iPod generation and their recent surge in popular

OXM UK writes: "Def Leppard are legends of British rock music.

Starting amongst the glam metal movement in the Eightes, they've gone on to sell 65 million albums worldwide, surviving through the grunge era in the early Nineties, the rap-metal trend that followed and the emo onslaught that continues today. Def Leppard have seen it all, stuck to their guns and reaped the rewards as the Def Leppard DLC song pack released tomorrow looks to bring even more fans into the fold.

On the eve of their DLC song pack hitting Guitar Hero III, OXM caught up with Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell and bassist Rick Savage to talk about the song pack and the band is embracing the shifts in the music industry."

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crimsonfox3872d ago

rock band and guitar hero they should keep video games very sperate then music the only game i can think of or allow to use music in video game manner is brutal legend

Mikey Mike3872d ago

yeah but the music industry is embracing it because it makes both the bands and industry $$$$$$$