What Direction Will God Of War Take In The New Generation?

God of War will inevitably return in the PS4 generation, but what will it look like when it does? Will Kratos return? Will we get an entirely new setting?

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CelticGamer1602d ago

GOW would look amazing on PS4 but I would rather they work on a new IP for a bit. Let the game sleep for awhile or let the VITA get one first. Then bring out one on the PS4.

NukaCola1602d ago

I love the GOW series. Truthfully it has a complete story and a PS4 would be just more eye candy. I'd personally love to see that engine and gameplay design carried into another IP all together. Maybe some sort of openworld RPG like Kingdoms of Amuler but with GOW's phenomenal combat system. This would be amazing.

Riderz13371602d ago

SSM has multiple teams. New IP is already in the works with the director of GoW III behind it (Stig Asmussen). Plus Cory Barlog is back at SSM and he confirmed he was making a game, but hasn't said whether it's a God of War or a new IP.

Sammy7771602d ago

GOW series has no equals. I want them to follow GOW3's roots. GOW3 to me was the best in the series. Ascension was just not needed.It felt like something you really need not play

Cant wait for GOW4 at 1080p,60frames

dedicatedtogamers1601d ago

I've always loved the GoW combat, the amazing controls, and the amazing graphics. And while I don't *mind* that the game is linear, I'd love it if they found a way to expand the size of the game to allow for more open-ended levels, like Darksiders know...actually good.

kazuma9991601d ago

Kill it already.... god of war 1 and 2 on ps2 was best.

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Agent_00_Revan1601d ago

I think it should take a break for a bit. Maybe release one in the second half of this generation, in about 3+ years. I Love the GoW series, but it's time to rest.

I'm in the middle of Ascension right now and feel a little bored. I don't like the control changes, with the exception of the big kills which you now control instead of just the QTE instakill. And I honest to god have no idea what the story is. Maybe I missed a key part, but where is Kratos going for all this and what is the purpose for this particular quest?

It just seems like room after room of enemy waves then puzzle, enemy waves then puzzle, etc.

DanielGearSolid1601d ago

My mind goes crazy thinking about Sony's 1st party studios creating new IPs hopefully in different genres. Great opportunity to show off more of their creativity.

In fact any dev working on new genres get me excited that's why I was so disappointed when Respawn and Bungie went right back to FPS

mysteryraz111601d ago

nintendo rehashes mario thousands of times yet noone criticizes it, yet when sony makes another sequel to a franchise ppl says its enough, what hypocrisy

Shad0wRunner1601d ago

Thats cuz noone wants to see GOW end up milked as bad as Mario. That's how Nintendo RUINED Mario, for a lot of people.

DOMination-1601d ago

That isn't true at all. Nintendo is bashed a lot on gaf and n4g for doing just that.

Tontus1596d ago

God of War IV needs to be:

1) More open, not too open where it becomes unfocused but enough to let you explore a little.

2) bring back the old composers.

3) Change to Egyptian mythology.

4) Calm Kratos down a bit without making him boring like he was in Ascension.

5) Free camera BUT only during combat scenarios, with a semi-automated camera the rest of the time, a.k.a. you still have some control but it's mostly directing you.

6) Try to make QTEs less noticeable, the tried with the promptless mini0games in Ascension but they can do even better.

7) It is obviously going to be stunning but I would like to see completely different enviorments, more forest areas, waterfalls, snowy mountains covering in 2 feet of snow, desert with dynamic sand...

8) It has to be 12 hours + even on the easiest setting and not looking for collectables. That would make it around 15 hours for people playing on normal and actually go out of their way to find shit.

9) 1080p is a must, the variable framerate in GoW3/A at 40-50fps is perfectly fine, 1080p is more important to me for that extra detail and clarity.

10) Bigger in scale, yes, bigger.

11) Needs to feel like an adventure, venturing to different islands, driving a boat accross the ocean, flying on pegasus 2.0... etc.