Microsoft "Hacking" Its Own Websites - Live to Code

Softopedia reports:

''Believe it or not: Microsoft is hacking its own websites, according to Viral Tarpara, Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist. Well, hacking may not be the exact word to describe what the Redmond company is doing, but it does somehow explain the screeenshot provided toward the bottom of this article. Instead of the official Microsoft UK websites, visitors were greeted by the Live to Code page, complete with links to various subpages.''

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aaquib3849d ago

Even Microsoft programmers don't know how to work a single thing. *cough* vista *cough*

ben hates you3848d ago

are biased, why can't people accept all OS's suck

and they were probably hacking it to find vulnerabilities

jinn3848d ago

how much have they been drinking?