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Wii U Weekly Deals: Mario & Luigi Wii Remote Plus $32, Wii U Pro Controller $39.99, ACIV $35 & more

Wii U weekly deals and sales at Amazon, Groupon, Frys, Toys R Us, Gamestop, Gamefly and Best Buy. (Amazon.com, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, GameStop, groupon, The Wonderful 101, Toys R Us, Wii U, ZombiU)

jacobvogel  +   187d ago
A lot of great deals.
Just bought Mario Wii Remote.
andrewsimons  +   187d ago
Is Assassin's Creed better on Wii U than PC?
jcnba28  +   187d ago
Depends on how you want to play the game.

Wii U version = gamepad has some features and off-tv play
PC version = better visuals
timothyckeegan  +   187d ago
No console deals for this week :(.
Apollo1  +   187d ago
Not a deal, but Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle is a good choice.
XXXL  +   187d ago
Just bought my bundle to sit next to my ps4. So far I'm loving it.
edgarohickman  +   187d ago
The Wonderful 101 or ZombiU?
TheEvilWithin  +   187d ago
Wonderful 101 for awesome action and over the top set pieces. Think Power Rangers on crack lol. Still get Zombi U down the road if you have the itch for some survival horror. Both are great choices and offer unique gameplay through the gamepad. Neither is a bad choice. You will enjoy both.

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