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Star Citizen Reaches Mind Boggling Crowd Funding Record of $36,000,000; Gets New Stretch Goal

Nothing is stopping Star Citizen apparently. The upcoming game by Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games just reached $36,000,000 in crowd funding, and is currently sitting on $36,036,489. (PC, Star Citizen)

SITH  +   574d ago
I can not wait to drop out of jump with my retaliator bomber and pop off it's compliment of torpedoes into the side of a Bengal carrier! Good times await us fellow star citizens!
Abriael  +   574d ago
The idea of having space combat with a strong theoretical base on realistic naval warfare is what really excites me of SC. You could see a bit of it on Wing Commander already, but in SC it's gonna really be exploited.
FlameBaitGod  +   573d ago
We got haters, poor lil sad people
ATi_Elite  +   573d ago
I too own a Retaliator, Stealth Hornet, and a 300i.

StarCitizen is gonna be beyond awesome.
frostypants  +   573d ago
Really intrigued by this game. Chris Roberts is one of the elder gods of gaming (well, he's only 45, but it seems like he's been around since the dawn of time).
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matrixman92  +   574d ago
hey guys....what if it sucks....
pandehz  +   574d ago
Well then it will still make for epic news
Abriael  +   574d ago
What if it doesn't?

I really don't care for the negativity. The name behind it definitely inspires faith in a positive outcome.
3-4-5  +   574d ago
If it sucks it won't be as bad as wasting $350 million on a game like Rockstar did with GTA5.

Look what we are getting for $36 million compared to what Rockstar gave us for $350 million dollars.

Just because you spend money doesn't mean it wasn't spent wisely or efficiently.

This is a nice Niche type of game that is getting the funding of a smaller AAA game so this could be good for gaming in general.
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SITH  +   574d ago
You are not accounting for the fact the money for GTAV is from a publisher. The revenue for the game went heavily to GTAV's publisher. 100% of the money for star citizen is to the developers, for the devlopment, and marketing for the game. All of the revenue goes to the developers and in turn to developing the game further. No publisher is involved to rush and force it into consumers hands ahead of schedule (looks at bf4). They can spend time perfecting the game and add features they want, not features a demanding publisher wants. And the major plus, Chris Roberts is a legendary developer responsible for the wing commander and privateer series.
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dodgemoose  +   574d ago
Wtf kind of comparison is that? That $350 million came out of Rockstar's back pocket, not the public's
ATi_Elite  +   573d ago
Already playing Squadron 42 so it DOES NOT suck!

SC is everything a Space Sim/combat game should be and more plus Chris is taking feedback from the community so all is well.
frostypants  +   573d ago
Chris Roberts doesn't make sucky games.
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Eyesoftheraven  +   574d ago
I've yet to invest in any starter package as I can't decide which one I like more— fight ready Hornet or fine looking 300i. Either way between MGS5 and this, 2014 - 2015 is going to be fantastic.
Menech  +   574d ago
Not a big fan of the 300 series, fairly ugly ships, personally I would go with the Hornet if you plan to do a lot of dogfighting.

However the Cutlass has similar to Hornet fire-power and offers far more utility. So if you want to do a range of jobs I would suggest the Cutlass.

I have a Constellation, Retaliator & Super Hornet myself. I can afford to have a Super Hornet because the Constellation can function as my workhorse.
ALICE666  +   573d ago
I was in the same predicament.

In the end I just got the Aurora lol (while I bide my time.. deciding on what I really want). At least I have an alpha/beta slot... I just fear these will run out soon at this rate! :0
deadfrag  +   574d ago
I already invest in this game and frankly im afraid;the hype for this game is very big and in the next 2 years will probably grow 500% more,the idea of this game dont get finnished for some reason, like trying to over achieve by adding always more Stretch goals without even have finnished the primary ones its killing me.I Frankly think that the focus must be turn to development an nothing else more,the game have enough features already and adding more its starting to get complex to achieve some Targets and the full release of this game in my view,i just hope im wrong.I never liked the last minute rush.
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Menech  +   574d ago
They have seemed to have stopped the endless mass content stretch goals, now it's simply new ships and systems. Both of which simply add to the core game.

The more ship hulls in the game to build up an customize the richer the experience. Developing a ship is far less work than adding an entirely new game mechanic.
JsonHenry  +   574d ago
I'm not that worried about it. The game is basically doing what has already been done in his previous games except for on a larger and better looking scale.

With very few exceptions this game is not really doing anything new. It is just perfecting what has come before it.
webeblazing  +   573d ago
truthfully its really not that much hype compared to console games people believe in the devs, and most know of the head pass success. what people are seeing is people supporting devs that tired of big publishers. every article is always about how much money they raised and not what content or what they are telling the community which they always do. people are supporting something because theyre are tired of the rehash and it shows with a lot of kickstarter. this is getting a massive amount of funds because of the devs ambitions and the cost to do it. they even told gaming they are trying to set a bar. its not gonna be cheap to do this, but the funny thing is that it will look better and provide more content than big publisher games that have over 2-3x its budget.
kevnb  +   574d ago
most exciting game for me right now.
Sly-Lupin  +   574d ago
I was interested in Star Citizen... right up until the point I realized it was mostly an MMO. ~__~
Einhert  +   573d ago
you can play it co-o wikth friends against the AI if you want.
Sly-Lupin  +   573d ago
Eh, still not my thing.

I was hoping for a grand space sim like those old Star Wars games, or Freelancer, or Freespace. I can't count on having friends around able to play co-op with me at those odd times in the wee hours in the morning when I have the time and inclination to play, and playing online with strangers is torture, no matter how good the game.
webeblazing  +   573d ago
well you on this site alot add someone on here or link up with people on you steam account. even if a game is a mmo if its good i dont care if im going solo, clan, party, or whatever imma have fun if you gave me a fun playground. you can polite a ship solo so i cant see why you cant wreck havoc by your self, people may wanna get down with you for doing it so well lol.
ALICE666  +   573d ago
Squadron 42 bro.

Star Citizen is just the icing on the cake. :)
raresteak  +   573d ago
You clearly haven't done enough research if you think it can't be a fully single player experience.
Sly-Lupin  +   573d ago

I shouldn't have to do any "research." The little descriptions and videos describe it as an online game with a single-player portion that serves as an in-depth tutorial.
Phoenix76  +   573d ago
@sly maybe you should look at Elite Dangerous mate. As even Chris Roberts once admitted, he looked at the Elite series for ideas for his own games.
frostypants  +   573d ago
According to their wiki, there will be a single player campaign.

Deltaguy  +   574d ago
lol this game is gonna suck...
Nekroo91  +   573d ago
actually it as better features than Battlefield 4 or any other big game out there. you actually have animations to enter inside the spaceships instead of pressing a button.

And its using Cryengine 3 so it as beautifull graphics but the game might be to big for them... or maybe we have to wait 3 or 4 years untill the game is released
wtopez  +   573d ago
If it gets to a $100 million, the stretch goal will be to build an actual space craft.
Shnooze  +   573d ago
That'd be billions.
edgeofsins  +   573d ago
It's so amazing how anything no matter how big or small can just become so huge on the internet.

To think one successful funny image could become a meme that drives mass popularity for something.

You could be a team of 2 people and gain an insane following on launch day like Team Meat. 4 people team with a few small games and steal the show on a worldwide broadcast as No Man's Sky was shown. Star Citizen has also exploded in this kind of popularity. It gives hope that even if you don't make it into a big development team you can make stuff here and there on your own and eventually be your own big development team.
hellzsupernova  +   573d ago
What's the release date for this game
newflesh  +   573d ago
hellzsupernova  +   573d ago
CapsLocke  +   573d ago
hellzsupernova  +   573d ago
Awesome! That's when I build my rig then. Which is good cause I'll be visiting America so pc parts will be really cheap compared to here
SITH  +   573d ago
For all of the delusional people who think this game is going to suck. 100% in game http://youtu.be/g0gZES2pTWk one heck of a suck. Or the word needs to be redefined.
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raresteak  +   573d ago
100% in engine. Not ingame.

You need to learn what you're talking about. While I hope the best for SC, being a Space aficionado myself, the flight model is nowhere near complete. Just watch the dogfighting demo.
ibrahim_sholeh  +   573d ago
agreed... 100% in engine, not ingame...

most of the people still unable to distinguish between "running in-engine" and "running in-game"...
SITH  +   573d ago
Shut the hell up. You know what I meant. The game does not come out until 2015. Quit acting like you are educating someone on a game forum.
frostypants  +   573d ago
@SITH: Dude, you said something inaccurate and were corrected. Don't whine about it.
raresteak  +   572d ago

Except you're so misinformed any kind of correct information serves as education to the likes of you.

Now keep calm and eat humble pie.
Lesy  +   573d ago
I'm sorry but i hate it when console peasants come here and say this will suck.If you have pledged and have a ship in hangar (i have aurora :D) you would see the detail on the ship,the animation THE immersion.It gives you chills,this isn't your everyday space sim.This is a living world,you can explore diffrent solar systems,planets,asteroids and many more.You don't have to fight,there are many MANY things you can do,but you console peasant are to delusional and ignorant to see what Star Citizen will bring.
Have a nice day.
garos82  +   573d ago
oh your lord ship with your royal PC .you half wit and a half calling console owners peasants.let me guess the queen your mother bought your PC and your think you are the dogs bollocks.

anyways I hope your enjoying gta5 and red dead your highness
Lesy  +   573d ago
Your pathetic attempt to compare Red Dead and GTA 5 is so sad i feel sorry for you.
Please comeback when you have a game that can do this:
Land on planets,explore new planets solar systems,have your own economy,trade,buy heavly customize your character/ship,Cryengine 3 etc...
I can go all day! And what can you do with Red Dead and GTA 5? Shoot,kill and watch hookers dancing while other player is flipping you off?
Have a nice day.
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CrossingEden  +   571d ago
Since you're so pretentious and said something as silly as "ohhh, you only shoot, kill and watch hookers dancing" here's a list of 88 things to do in GTAV
Followed by a second list of completely different things to do.
followed by a list of 55 hidden things that you can do
not counting easter eggs
followed by a list of things to do in GTA online
And we already have a game where you can explore new planets/solar systems , it's called mass effect, except it's fun to do so instead of tedious, and we already have cryengine 3 games on consoles genius. No one said that this game is going to suck -_-

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