Gamesradar:Nintendo tells us why there won't be a new DS anytime soon

Justin Towell writes:

''General consensus around the industry recently has tipped the imminent arrival of a new DS, whether it's a new model of the existing machine in a GBA SP sort of way, or an entirely new 'DS 2'.

We contacted Nintendo for a comment and they gave us more than the usual 'rumour and speculation' answer. Which was...

"No announcement has been made by Nintendo and everything reported online is pure speculation and rumour. Our hardware development team always work on the next product after we launch one hardware. It is usual that a new model will be brought to the market when we can not offer new ideas with the current model, but we think Nintendo DS is not at that stage yet, and we'd like to keep offering all sorts of suggestions to enrich the lives of people who own a Nintendo DS."

So the official line is that DS is 'not at that stage yet', huh? Well, we beg to differ. In fact, we can think of seven good reasons DS could not only do with an upgrade or sequel, but in fact why there must be one already being prepped by Nintendo boffins.''

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PS360WII3874d ago

I wouldn't mind a new model ^^ I like the on board memory thing and downloadable gba games for it perhaps a bigger screen for the elderly people seeing they play the DS as well.

gaffyh3874d ago

Yeah but Nintendo won't do that, they will just release another colour or bundle if the sales go very low. They won't do anything major like change the design or innards.

Tempist3874d ago

Really, I don't know how Nintendo gets away with making multiple models of the same hand held console and still get people to buy it.

I can't honestly say that the newer consoles led to better games.

My thoughts are make a damn good console the first time. There should not be a reason to have to re-invent it every two years to get people to buy it again.v

PS360WII3874d ago

well better versions of the first console. All companies do it really psp had a revision as well as the ps1 and ps2, the iPods and the macs have done it vcr and dvds keep getting smaller or more disc holders, even the Zune has an upgraded version. So no it's not just Nintendo getting away with it it's everybody getting away with it. Actually they aren't getting away with anything other than getting away with improving their product which is always a good thing

games4fun3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

you may not remember but ever since nintendo saved gaming people have this nostalgia feeling every time they play a nintendo game ignoring any blaring logic stating how repetitive/unorigianl (mario in particular) nintendo is getting

also the gaming community pays nintendo a large sum for saving gaming and nintendo writes it off as sales do you think that, that many people actually own nintendo products its a consipiracy?!?!!

the "plumbers" come to my house found dead with monkey wrench as the murder weapon

Tempist3874d ago

Yeah I know companies usually do. But Nintendo is onto their 5th generation of hand-held gaming systems (6 if you count the Virtual boy) and still making three revisions in 4 years is excessive.

I personally take it as why bother initially investing when the chance it's going to all change again is 16 months away?

What was the big difference between gen 1 of the DS and gen 2? New casing, and I think a little bit of an extended battery life.

I understand the PSP had an over-haul (I own a slim one) and there was more of a change between the first and the newer PSP.

It just seems like all past experience Nintendo should have gained instead turned out to be "If you make it again, but with more shine, people will still spend money on it."

BubblesDAVERAGE3874d ago

They said the same about the lite..