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From Geek Chic Elite - "Forza Motorsport 5 by developer Turn 10 Studios is the first big racing game for the Xbox One. This is fitting as the Xbox had the original Forza and the series progressed all the way up to Forza Horizon on the Xbox 360. This franchise to the Xbox is just like Gran Turismo is to Playstation. Forza 5 is no different and really takes the series to a whole new level, as should be expected of a next-gen title."

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urwifeminder1805d ago

Good to see Dan what's his name put himself in the crowd they look great up close it like ghost eyes in a picture they follow you and pivot when you move the camera one person looks like Leanne rimes. It would be a cool feature to be able to put the fans in the crowd via Kinect may drop that in the forums what a stunning game.

Hicken1805d ago

The worst looking crowds in two generations of racing games, and yet you're here praising them...

theWB271805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

It's people like Hicken who complain about the way a crowd looks in the stands of a game where 95% of the time they're motion blurred because you're driving in excess of 120+ MPH. Focused on the other cars driving at the same speeds, and hitting that corner perfectly to maintain said speed.

But yes, lets harp on that crowd a little more eh?

Hicken responded to someone's observation with the same negativity he always puts forth toward a Microsoft related subject.

So no...I don't care to address it. I addressed Hicken's prepensity to always lend his unwarranted negativity. Sorry if you're looking for more.

Biggest1805d ago

Hicken responded to a crowd comment, theWB27. Care to address urwifeminder's comment in a negative fashion, or does his comment pass your obviously rigorous standards?

InTheZoneAC1805d ago

exactly, they copy/pasted the dev team and plastered them everywhere, and they look like fan cutouts from madden 2001 on ps2...

torchic1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

wow look at how @theWB27 busted out his dictionary to sound all sophisticated and all ahaha easy there Shakespere!

by the way bro it's *propensity :)

urwifeminder1805d ago

They make me laugh up close its like a cardboard cut out that pivots I only noticed cause I was taking scenery pics in no way does having epic crowds make a good racing game.They are nice clear photos usually I am going too fast as forza has an amazing sense of speed but the replay lets me explore.

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scott1821805d ago

Game looks really fun. Not sure I'm with you on the crowds though.

mrpsychoticstalker1805d ago

This is a beautiful and stunning game!

Volkama1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Forza and Ryse both seem be scoring quite highly in the late reviews, the ones that are landing after the launch tension has subsided.

Maybe these reviewers don't have such a keen focus on the gaming scene, or maybe they just aren't caught up in popular forum opinions.

memots1805d ago

The crowd is the new grass.

truefan11805d ago

Lol the startup is the only time the crowd should be noticed, my gosh people are just getting ridiculous with their complaints.