Judging from some new footage from yesterday's SCEE Gamers Day event, it looks like killzoneunit might get a chance to play as a new kind of Helghast this year after all. Take a look at the video below.

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BilI Gates3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )


Dude lol. GOTY.

marinelife93604d ago

Amazing! Media Molecule is about to become very rich and influential come October.

Condoleezza Rice3604d ago

This game will consume my time like no other before,I'm already plotting what textures I'll need for a Solid Snake Sackboy

Tempist3604d ago

Heh. I wonder if the ISA are going to get their own Sac Boy as well.

fenderputty3604d ago

in for the final game. At least as some sort of unlockable.

sonarus3604d ago

lol wow. That was pretty cool. Very well done indeed

chaosatom3333604d ago

this game will get 10 across the board.

gonzopia3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Anyone have a direct link to the video? Appears that Websense has axed it for me.

UPDATE: Nevermind. Here it is.

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jams_shop3604d ago

LittleBigKillzone lol
isn't this game lovely?

Ace Ventura3604d ago

Cook Dude. LittleBigPlanet is probably going to win game of the year this year.

Ashton3604d ago

this game puts a smile on my face every time for some reason

gonzopia3603d ago

That's what's so great about it! It's so cute, yet so clever, and I think that's what will make it sell.

It'll be one of those games, a bit like Katamari, which is eagerly anticipated by a handful of gamers in-the-know, and through word of mouth it will slowly build mass appeal. I can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.