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Toby writes: "Killzone: Mercenary is a risky affair. It’s very much a full-fledged console experience put into your hands. Vita owners know from previous FPS games that have been released on Vita that things can go one way or another, as there is very rarely middle ground for this genre in the portable market. The ambition shown by Guerrilla Cambridge is admirable – but is it enough?"

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insomnium21532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I got this off the December sales for 17€ thanks to PS+. I'm still busy with P4G and I will test this game out thoroughly once I get around to that. It's a good thing to have this in my backlog. Oh and I have Tearaway in my backlog also. Love my Vita.

edwineverready1532d ago

Damn missed that sale. I want this game ever since I played the beta, but all my money is going towards my ps4 at the moment.

NukaCola1532d ago

This is an awesome game. Game Play is excellent and the pacing and graphics are superb. I was skeptical about an FPS truly working on Vita but GG nailed it and it's awesome. The beta was fantastic but the complete game is incredible.

PoSTedUP1532d ago

deff a solid online fps especially one that is on a handheld. and yeah im getting tearaway next paycheck maybe.

mrpsychoticstalker1531d ago

Lol delirious, vita is doomed to fail.i live in nyc and i have never seen anyone playing it.

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skyalter1532d ago

I have not played this game :( --

CocoWolfie1532d ago

I just it a few days a ago, totally worth it :)

JoseV761532d ago

Talk about a boring ass fps!