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A video and text based review of Turn 10's latest racing game on Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5.

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RaidensRising1440d ago

No Boreza did you really include that in the title? Pretty lame imo.

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giovonni1440d ago

I have yet to pick this up and still have my preorder at game stop. Dwntwn, what would you say sets this apart from the previous Forza, graphics aside

lets_go_gunners1440d ago

Watch Adam Sessler's review.

DoesUs1440d ago

Less cars, less tracks....Those are 2 right off the bat.

MorePowerOfGreen1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Everything is built from the ground up for nextgen/XB1. There are no rehashed copy & pasted low resolution cars and tracks from PS2, I mean xbox 360 ;)

asyouburn1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


I'm not really a fan of either game, but truth be told, there's more premium cars in gt6 than all the cars in forza 5

The statistics of the GT6 Car List (up to now) are as follows:
Total Cars: 1.238
New Cars (GT6): 165
Old Cars (GT5-GT4): 1.073
Premium Cars: 443
Semi-Premium Cars: 152
Standard Cars: 643

443 premium. Maybe only 165 new, but 443 altogether.

Axios21440d ago


Polyphony Digital said that of the 1000+ cars in GT6, only 123 are new...vs all 200 new in Forza

DoesUs1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

@Green, yeah i guess so. Still, at least the next gen Forza has AA good AF and a realtime lighting engine to differentiate from F4......Oh wait.

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Naga1440d ago

Three main factors have stood out to me:

1. Drivatar:
The new drivatar system, silly name aside, has been one of the biggest steps forward for any racing game I've played. Previously, singleplayer career mode in games such as Forza and GT have been maddeningly boring, and it was painfully obvious that the opponents were stock systems running on bland code. It killed any sense of excitement one would get from the battle. The drivatar AI system is a phenomenal achievement, as it makes playing the single player career actually fun. I can't express what a breath of fresh air this was for not just Forza, but for sim racing in general.

2. Handling & Physics
The handling and physics have also been updated in a big way, and I've never played a game where I felt so connected to the car and the road. It's a weird thing to really express, but you can really feel the weight of the car as it shifts on you, the tires as they lose grip, and each little bump on every corner of the track. The connection between you and the game is made that much better, and the experience of simply driving the cars is a joy.

3. Career/Car Depth
While they left out loads of cars that I wish were in the game (300ZX??!), they really went all out with the ones they do have. Allowing every one of your cars to be explored through Forza Vista is more fun than it may sound. It pulls you into the experience, and there is just so much to appreciate. Even more, EVERY car has a voice-narrated history, which just adds to the depth of the experience. You can tell that the developers "get it" when it comes to the cult of cars.

curtis921440d ago

I've spent many hours with this game as well as all previous entries in the Forza series and there just honestly isn't much of anything next-gen about this game. Visually it's slightly better than forza 4 but it's about what I would've expected a 360 version of forza 5 to look like. Then you figure in Half the cars, half the tracks you're left with a bad taste in your mouth. Why they're being rewarded for half the game is beyond me. If this exact game had been released on 360, after what forza 4 was before it, it'd been ripped to shreds. But because it's a launch title on a new system suddenly it's 9/10 status?

theWB271440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

" Visually it's slightly better than forza 4 but it's about what I would've expected a 360 version of forza 5 to look like."

That's how you know YOU'RE a liar. Especially when you turn into the grammar police as a retort to someone. You missed a ton of correct grammar in that lie of a rant yourself curt curt.

imt5581440d ago

Curtis is right in one thing. F5 is NOT such big step in graphics terms when you compared it to F4.

What Turn10 had to do to achieve 1080/60 fps in a racing game :

theWB271440d ago

My question is...what kind of jump were you expecting for a launch sim racer to make. Especially when you compare it to the jump the other launch games have made. Looking at its competition...I think Forza 5 is doing just fine in the visuals department.

imt5581440d ago

Well, first representation of the game was a big step. You know what happened next ( if you know ).

Dewitt1440d ago

Another person that has clearly not played the game. The graphics are pretty close to photo realistic if it just had post process AO and AA, but honestly I feel that might over soften it. The gameplay is definitely next-gen, I have never had so much fun playing a racing game and I have played them all. If you afraid of not competing online this game gives you that online experience in career mode. Physics are so much improved and sound engine is as close to real life as you can get. I have driven several high ends cars in real life and t10 nailed it.

Mkai281440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I love this game, here you can look at it and tell it's next gen. Not just visually, but physics, feed back in the controller, and the drivatar system.. I agree on the fact that it's a bit rushes due to meeting launch.

air11440d ago

Its a great game.. Wish it had more tracks, and no i will not pay extra for tracks and cars so its too late for this consumer. I will not spend another dime on this game but it did well enough to keep me interested and will get my attention when the next one comes out.

My biggest complaint though is the music! I like all kinds of music but please dont punish me with one genre of music unless its some kind of dynamic music like ki, as the race gets intense during a pass or something but this dramatic music it has now gets annoying very quick ive had the music muted 2 days after i got it!

Is it too much to get customisable music? Or even control lay out? Does anyone know why devs dont leave it to the players?

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