Forward-Thinking Nintendo Channel Launches On Wii - Examines Your TV And Sticks It To GameStop At The Same Time

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Long promised and finally delivered, the Nintendo Channel was made available for North American Wii owners some time after I went to bed last night.

I downloaded it this morning and tried it out.

As expected, the channel features promotional videos and a deep index of Wii and DS games to better inform purchasing decisions. It can also zap demos of DS games to my handheld.

But it can do other stuff I did not expect, and it shows that Nintendo may be craftier about online networking than many people gave them credit for:

The channel lets you buy games and anger GameStop at the same time: You'd think some other company than Nintendo would be the first to let consumers buy a new disc-based game via their console without taking their hands off a controller. Nope. It's Nintendo."

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ItsDubC3870d ago

Ya I actually read the fine print before opting in and began wondering why Nintendo would want to know the position of my sensor bar and whether I was using component cables or not.

Anyway, my favorite feature is the DS demo download service.

BrotherNick3870d ago

I like that I can just use my wii to buy games lol. No movement needed. :P

ItsDubC3870d ago

Ya I got all confused when I saw the purchase button in the Wii Fit info. I was like, "Wait... this is out already?"

ChickeyCantor3870d ago

Maybe Some little research while their at it?

ItsDubC3870d ago

Any idea as to what can be inferred from knowing the placement of ppls' sensor bars tho?

PS360WII3870d ago

how one is aiming and how to make it better. When I had the sensor bar on the top I was always aiming higher (naturally) and sometimes getting the pointer lost then when I placed it on the bottom it was more even with where I was sitting but then my stand was making me loss some signal when I was pointing near the bottom of the screen so then I put it right on the edge and it's all good.

ChickeyCantor3870d ago

MAybe so they can include some standard with it or something i really dont have a clue.

BrotherNick3870d ago

I know what they're doing...Now not everyone has HDTVs...wouldn't it be more economical when the majority of people get HDTVs that the next system can take advantage of it. Plus it also shows how many wii owners care about the quality of the picture, if they had gotten component cables.

ChickeyCantor3870d ago

the thing is if you arent a tech-person you wouldnt even know these cables exist. Unless one of the sellers keeps on yapping about all the tech stuff they actually dont care about but buy in the end anyway.

ItsDubC3870d ago

Ya I can see how knowing whether ppl are using component cables or not would be useful to Nintendo, but sensor bar placement info is still kinda puzzling.