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How Microsoft's UK studios are shaping Xbox One's future

OXM - The times they are a-changing, and it's an exciting era to be an Xbox owner. The brand may have been born and raised in America, but its future - from new franchises to cutting edge features - is currently being forged on our fair isles. Here are five UK-based studios that are helping to shape the new generation. (Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox One)

-Mezzo-  +   189d ago
The only good studio that is actually doing anything good for Microsoft is 'Remedy'.

Alan Wake was Amazing ( The downloadable that followed wasn't as good as the original ) & Quantum Break looks really interesting, I might get a Xbox One for it.
MichaelLito79  +   189d ago

So according to you 343, Turn 10, lionhead, Rare, Respawn, Insomniac, Capy games, Tusk Studios, Crytek, capcom, Popcap not doing anything good. Lol

Note: You are right about Remedy but to say they are the only ones is wrong.
jimbobwahey  +   189d ago
Out of the studios you listed there, only Lionhead and Rare are Microsoft UK studios.

As for Quantum Break, I can't see it remaining an Xbox One exclusive forever, much like Alan Wake didn't. Mezzo probably won't need an Xbox One to play it.
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TheFallenAngel  +   189d ago
I wouldn't trust lionhead, insomniacl, capcom and crytek.

Turn 10 is a great studio though.
Baka-akaB  +   189d ago
Not that i disagree with your original argument , but listing so many studios that dont belong in any way or shape to Microsoft (and all working on Sony or Nintendo platforms as well ) already highlight the issue for MS .
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MMEHTA  +   189d ago
As for Quantum Break the only way its not going to stay exclusive is if someone buy's the IP and Well MS own's the IP. Alan Wake IP is also owned by MS. Probably why they brought it to Windows.
MichaelLito79  +   189d ago
@jimbo above mezzo did not mention exclusive or ms owned studios he indicated that remedy is the only good studio. Which is simply not true.
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P0werVR  +   189d ago
Either way, this trumps any statements that Microsoft is not gamer friendly. If anything they are setting standards for true next gen gaming. Exploring innovative technology from the Xbox One.

I haven't come across this level of development from Sony.
goldwyncq  +   189d ago
True. They're Microsoft's Naughty Dog.
Biggest  +   189d ago
Let's keep it in perspective here. How many games did Remedy release for Microsoft? How many GotY titles did Remedy release for Microsoft?
Baka-akaB  +   189d ago
That would have been Bungie , and would most likely be 343 now instead
andrewsqual  +   189d ago
But if its anything like Alan Wake then the definitive version will come to PC not long after :/
Baka-akaB  +   189d ago
Actually it did take long for the pc version of Alan Wake . And had the game been much more successful on console , who knows if it would have come .. (even if originally it was a pc project , we all know how it went with Halo ) .

We can act tough around here , but regular people wouldnt wait for sime hypothetical pc version 1.5-3 years later
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Dwntwn  +   189d ago
Wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft buy Remedy.
Volkama  +   189d ago
But why buy them? They seem to have a pretty cosy relationship as is...

MS already own the IPs for the big games (IPs being the value in purchasing a studio, since no deal locks down the people/talent).
lifeisgamesok  +   189d ago
You wish.

343, Lionhead, Rare, Turn 10, Lift London can't wait to prove you wrong this year
malokevi  +   189d ago
I suppose then that you are privy to all the unannounced titles that MS UK studios are hard at work on?

Typical of outspoken cynics, Xbox detractors, and Sony fanboys. Think they know everything. Blah blah blah negative comment I'm the greatest. Next!
Lukebb91  +   189d ago
Fable anniversary is going to be really good not that intrested in lionheads other game though
lifeisgamesok  +   189d ago
Excited that Microsoft is hiring talent to make more exclusives

A new Perfect Dark and Banjo or Conker from Rare would be awesome

Fable Legends is going to be incredible using Unreal Engine 4

Phil Spencer says they are bringing back old Xbox franchises and that MS has more games in development now than they've ever had

The launch games have been great and this year is looking like it's going to be even more impressive
Funky Town_TX  +   189d ago
I would love to see another perfect dark.
MMEHTA  +   189d ago
I'm hoping for Rare to go back to its original root's in terms of the game's. MS could shift the kinect games to some other dev's.
n4gamingm  +   189d ago
man when they started talking about CONKER :)
REDBEARD  +   189d ago
Have we forgotten what Microsoft did to RARE? RARE is dead! Everybody from 90s RARE left!! Microsoft will never bring back Conker, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, and Battletoads!!! If they ever did, it just wouldn't feel the same. Conker was butchered on the Xbox, Perfect Dark Zero was mediocre, and Nuts and Bolts was horrifying.

Morgue  +   189d ago
As much as I can't stand MS as a company their studios did make some good games on the original Xbox. They need to go back to their roots and recapture that spirit that made the Xbox brand different from Sony and Nintendo and not rely on games like COD, Halo, Gears, Forza and exclusive content.
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REDBEARD  +   189d ago
I agree. Stubbs the Zombie was awesome. Blinx had potential also.

LOL. So many disagrees with my original comment. I guess some people are too young to remember what happened to RARE after the buyout. Read some interviews of every former RARE employee and even guys at Lionhead studios. The magic was lost after the buyout. Microsoft isn't exactly the type of company to give creative freedom to its developers, sadly. Maybe they could change their ways, but I doubt it.
Morgue  +   188d ago
Blinx The Cat was fun. Shit.. Pariah was even good, Soldier Of Fortune 2... Man, that game was a blast, still own it.

@ Your above comment about Rare. I'm 43 and honestly the whole Rare thing never really bothered me but Perfect Dark for the 360 was a disaster. Online was horrendous... Killer Instinct Gold was horrible on N64 but Blast Corp and Goldeneye are pictures framed forever in my heart.
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